Jennifer Lawrence’s Pink Floyd Tank Top Is Totally A Nod At Her Relationship With Chris Martin

Jennifer Lawrence went to the gym on Wednesday. How do I know this? MAAAAAGIC. And by "magic" I mean "I saw tweets about it." In the pap-snapped photos, Lawrence is wearing a Pink Floyd tank top, which is, as E! Online pointed out, not a Coldplay tank top. Of course it isn't. Lawrence and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin are The Couple That Is Trying To Keep It On The DL, so it would've been a bold move if J. Law hit the town in a Mylo Xyloto Tour T-shirt.

But that Pink Floyd tank has my wheels spinning...

DISCLAIMER: I'm about to get weird with it. Feel free to see yourself out if you're not in the mood. I won't be mad.

A Coldplay top would be too blatant a move.

...But if you try hard enough, you can link Pink Floyd back to Coldplay. What if that Pink Floyd tank top is a message from Lawrence? A wink to all of us? A subtle way to hint at Coldplay and Martin? Neither party will publicly acknowledge their relationship, but maybe this Pink Floyd tank top is J. Law's way of wearing a Coldplay top without actually wearing a Coldplay top.

Hand me a pair of pumps and put luncheon on hold, because I'm about to go all Nancy Drew on that Pink Floyd top.

Connection #1: Pink Floyd & Coldplay are from the UK

This is an uh duh. BUT, you could say the same if she was wearing a Spice Girls top, a Rolling Stones top, a One Direction top, a Beatles top, et cetera. So, let us not stop here. Let us dig into the two bands' song catalogs.

Connection #2: "Apples and Oranges" & "Yellow"

Pink Floyd has a song called “Apples and Oranges.” Coldplay has a song called “Yellow.” Martin has a daughter named Apple.

But what about the "Oranges"? I'm not done yet: Apple red + “Yellow” = “Oranges.” Don't mind me as I drop all of the mics at once.

Connection #3: "Wish You Were Here" & "Paradise"

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” is a popular postcard slogan. Coldplay has a song called “Paradise." Humans have been known to send "Wish You Were Here" postcards while vacationing in paradise.

Proof is in the para-para-para-pudding.

Connection #4: "A Sky Full Of Stars" & "Point Me At The Sky"

The former is a Coldplay song. The latter is a Pink Floyd song. Both songs have the word "Sky" in the title. I mean, the link is so undeniable.

Connection #5: "Time" & "Clocks"

Pink Floyd's "Time" and Coldplay's "Clocks" is such an obvious connection, I cannot even stand it. "Clocks" tell "Time," doye.

(I am not grasping at straws at all. Nope. Not one bit. So much definitive evidence here.)