9 Ways To Dress like a Feminist Disney Princess For Halloween

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It seems like over the years, dressing up like a Disney princess for Halloween as an adult ends up falling into two distinct categories: going as a ridiculously sexy Disney princess, or dressing up as the I-spent-way-too-much-money-on-this-authentic-looking-costume Disney princess. Clearly, there have to be more options. Halloween is the one time of year we can dress up however we want. Disney princesses are bold, strong-willed, independent go-getters — why should we settle for anything less?

Because we know that you may not want to go with either of these two aforementioned categories, we've put together a visual guide to help you dress up like a Disney princess, feminist style. Embrace your inner Disney heroine, and deconstruct her personal style into a perfect Halloween costume you'll actually be excited to wear this year.

Image: Jennie Park/Flickr

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