But Which Princess Is The Most Stylish?

Growing up, my first Barbie doll was Jasmine. I learned to French braid on her, and begged my mother to buy me a matching, metallic teal crop top and harem pants set. Sadly, she did not indulge my 4-year-old wishes, so I had to resort to wearing color-coordinated leggings and tee shirt sets. It was not nearly as regal a look as I had hoped.

Even though they were cartoons, all the Disney princesses were ultimately my biggest style icons well into elementary school. Their poofy dresses and high heels may not have been practical for recess, but dang, I sure did look like the fairest of them all.

In honor of these animated style stars all of a sudden being crazy super cool again, it's time to look back at their very best gowns, and, of course, rank them from most fashionable to... well, still quite fashionable because, honestly, these ladies woke up like this way before Bey was singing about it. Hang on to your tiaras.

1. Jasmine

I mean, clearly I am a little biased here. But Jasmine was freaking fabulous! She was way ahead of the trends with cropped bustiers and chic sweatpants, plus those accessories are on point.

2. Elsa

Okay, fine. Elsa is a queen, not a princess. But for that fabulous braid and amazing glitter, she gets to be on the list — right near the top.

3. Aurora

When she was sleeping, Aurora's blue dress was just whatever. But as the mysterious forest wanderer Briar Rose, she makes peasant-chic look better than ever.

4. Megara

More of a "God of the Underworld's seductress" than a "princess," Megara is definitely the sauciest of them all. I will say I'm in love with her slinky toga and serious ponytail game.

5. Pocahontas

She gets to be #5 because her outfit is a refreshing break from all these gowns. Way to break princess stereotypes, Pocahontas.

6. Tiana

Major props to Tiana for shamelessly rocking the classic princess fairytale ensemble even though she grew up in New Orleans in the '20s.

7. Merida

Tying with Mulan for most kick-ass princess, Merida certainly knew how to pull off battlefield-chic.

8. Belle

We could all use a lesson from Belle in dressing like a classic beauty. Clearly, Katie Holmes agrees.

9. Esmerelda

Again, not a princess. But Esmerelda knows how to rock an off-the-shoulder top like nobody's business, so we're cool.

10. Rapunzel

Rapunzel's pink gown was pretty princess-typical, but she gets major points for the best use of hair flowers.

11. Snow White

Snow White lived with seven guys who worked in coal mining, not as stylists. Still, her dress is in my alma-mater, Hofstra's, colors, so I can dig it.

12. Mulan

Mulan was way too busy defeating the huns and being mysterious as the dark side of the moon to worry about her outfits. That topknot, though.

13. Cinderella

Really, girl? You had a fairy godmother to whip up literally any dress in the entire universe's imagination and this is the best you could do? There's not even any glitter! Good try with the white gloves, however.

14. Ariel

Ariel doesn't wear clothes! She can't be most fashionable! If this was a best hair competition, however, Ariel would be way up at the top.

Images: Disney