16 Animals Who Can't Stop Smiling

Sometimes smiling can be tough. Sometimes it's raining outside, you're running on three hours of sleep, you can't find your keys, your commute was heinous, Starbucks is out of pumpkin spice lattes, and you think to yourself you may never smile again. But today is World Smile Day — an entire holiday dedicated to the sole happy mission of spreading cheer and kindness around the globe — and not smiling is kind of not an option. That's why I'm here to help.

Celebrating World Smile Day is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is perform one kind act that causes someone to flash their pearly whites in unbridled joy, and that's it! You're done! And what's the best way to get people to smile? By sharing photos of animals who are smiling too — duh. Look, they say a smile is contagious, and if these beaming little creatures are any indication, we'll all be chuckling to ourselves in no time.

But hey, if you're still feeling stony-faced after seeing these freaking adorable animals light up the Animal Kingdom with their happiness, that's fine. Just know that at some point later today, when you and your grumpiness least expect it, an image of a snickering pug is going to flash across your brain, and without even thinking twice, your eyes will crinkle, your cheeks will tingle, and you will crack a tiny little grin, whether you want to or not. Just roll with it, okay? Because that's what World Smile Day is all about.

1. You've probably never seen a happier lion

Hakuna matata.

2. Or a deer with such an infectious smile

Nature, you're perfect.

3. Someone's come down with a serious case of the giggles

Birds of a feather smile together.

4. And it looks like this horse is in on the joke too

5. Don't expect this cat to apologize for melting your heart just now

Because sorry not sorry.

6. This panda just wants you to sit back and relax

Prepare for a bear hug.

7. This cat simply doesn't believe in bad days

Seriously, the friendliest feline you've ever met.

8. This horse can smile like this for hours

He knows he's a stud.

9. A chortling pup? Yes, please

That face, though.

10. Here we have a smiling llama

I repeat: a SMILING LLAMA.

11. And a dog who's just happy to be outside on a beautiful day

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


12. And a couple of pals, monkeying around

Double the cuteness, double the fun.

13. This goat just wants everyone to be happy

When it comes to spreading smiles, this guy doesn't kid around.

14. While this seal is ready for her closeup

She lives every day like it's World Smile Day.

15. This wild cat is just a barrel full of laughs

We're smiling so hard we're seeing spots right now.

16. And finally, there's this tiny kitten with the huge kitten smile

So what are you waiting for? Go share that smile with someone who needs it! Happiness is beautiful.

Images: Heather Paul, Earth Touch, Jamie McCaffrey, Nuno Barreto, Mark J P, Takashi Hososhima, Nathan, theo_reth, Natalia Romay, Penny Bentley, gandalfblanco, Jordi Paya, Lena, Dave Townsend, Tambako the Jaguar, Jon Pinder/Flickr; Getty Images; Giphy