Damon Wayans, Jr. Is Returning to 'New Girl' As Coach

So, Happy Endings is canceled. We've already mourned its demise with a trip to our local food trucks. But there is a better way to cope: With good news involving one if its stars.

No, I'm not talking about Elisha Cuthbert's recent nuptials. (Although, we're very happy Alex Kerkovich is finally lucky-in-love.) I'm talking about the news that Damon Wayans, Jr. — formerly known as Brad Williams, who was formerly known as Coach on New Girl before leaving for Happy Endings' unexpected renewal — is returning to the hit Fox series starring Zooey Deschanel.

That's right! Though Wayans' appearance on New Girl was short-lived — the actor only appeared in the pilot for the Fox series before being brought back into ABC's fold — Happy Endings' cancellation made him available for a return. And though E! Online reports he's only confirmed for six episodes, there's a chance he might sign on for even longer.

Winston — the under-developed character who replaced Wayans — will continue to stick around. And, unfortunately, Wayans will be forced to stick with him — sources tell E! that Coach will "be heavily integrated into Winston's storyline." And hopefully that storyline involves a Bar Mitzvah?

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Image: FOX