October 4th is National Vodka Day. Yes, tomorrow is a day devoted to the all-wonderful mixture of distilled ethanol and water. Absolut, Smirnoff, Ketel One, or Grey Goose: pick your poison, and get to celebrating. And guess what, if you don't drink, that's not a problem either! As it turns out, there is a long list of alternative uses for vodka. That's right — this stuff's basically got super powers.

To give you a quick history lesson, vodka originated in Eastern Europe, though there's still some debate as to who exactly came up with it first. Though we most often attribute vodka to Russia, it may have actually been the Polish who made the first concoction. At the time, the Polish used the work "wodka" to refer to cleaning products and medicines, which as it turns out, vodka has a lot in common with... see where I'm going with this?

Vodka, thanks to its high alcohol percentage, is actually super helpful when it comes to cleaning around the house. Not to mention, it has a few other tricks up its sleeves as well (flakier pie crust, anyone?). OK, enough talk. Let's get straight to the facts. If you don't keep a bottle of vodka in the house already, you will now! Here are 13 new ways to use vodka in your daily life.

1. Polish Your Jewels

Vodka works as a jewel cleaner. Who knew, right? Throw your favorite rings, necklaces, and earrings into a cup of vodka for five minutes, rinse them, and towel dry. Ta da!

2. Get Your Flowers To Live Longer

Isn't it sad when your flowers start to shrivel up only a few days after they've bloomed? Give them an extra couple of days by adding a few drops of vodka to their water, as well as a spoonful of sugar (to help the medicine go down).

3. Use It As Shampoo

Yes, you heard me correctly. Running low on shampoo? It's cool, just add some vodka to the bottle and you're set. Vodka actually helps both clean the hair and produce a healthy looking shine.

4. Ease a Toothache

Vodka is not a replacement for a trip to the dentist's office, but if you've got a toothache and the pain won't stop, try swishing around some vodka in your mouth. It should help numb your gums while disinfecting any bacteria-ridden spots.

5. Painlessly Remove Your Bandage

Yes, this is for real people! Spread some vodka on top of your bandage, and let it soak through until the adhesive dissolves. Ah-freaking-mazing.

6. Deodorize Stinky Feet

I'm just going to be real with you guys — smelly feet are gross, so don't let them overpower your presence. Soak your feet in a bowl of vodka and them rinse them off. You are so welcome.

7. Remove Poison Ivy Oil

The only good thing about poison ivy is dressing up like the character on Halloween. Everything else about it itches. Vodka can help remove poison ivy oil from the infected area of your skin.

8. Relieve Jellyfish Stings

Ever get stung by a jellyfish? It hurts, people. Vodka is a natural soother when it comes to a sore sting. Also, it is a great disinfectant. Two birds, one stone. Awesome.

9. Clean Just About Anything

Dirty windows? Sure. Mold and mildew? No problem. Stains, rust, or soap scum? Yeah, totally. Vodka is like every cleaning product you own combined together and on steroids.

10. Clear Your Glasses' Lenses

If you run out of that expensive lens cleaner from your optometrist, hold up a second before you go purchase some more. Vodka works wonders when it comes to clearing glasses. Try it. Trust me.

11. Make a Decent Bug Spray

Everyone hates the smell of bug spray, but if you spritz a little vodka onto your skin, you'll get the same insect repellent effects minus the stink.

12. Kill Some Weeds

Weeds are the worst. Combine some water and dish soap with vodka, and you've got yourself a weed killer that isn't filled with harmful chemicals.

13. Bake Flakier Pie Crust

Crust will either make or break a pie. Make yours extra flaky by replacing the water in your recipe with ice cold vodka.

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