13 Horror Movies to Watch If You Really Want a Good Scare

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Halloween just might be the most fun holiday of them all. Sure Christmas has presents, but it also has emotionally exhausting family time and crippling guilt. You might love the 4th of July BBQs, but don't forget about the heinous mosquito bites. Yes, Halloween just may be the best of the whole lot. When you’re a kid it’s all about the candy, but when you’re an “adult,” it’s all about the candy AND watching scary movies. So, whiiiiich horror movie to watch. Decisions, decisions.

When Halloween rolls around, I'm willing to hide my face under a blanket during a few of my favorite thrillers just to get in the spirit. Whether you like 'em a little funny, full of ghosts, or a total gory mess, here are the best horror films to get you ready for October 31. Scream on, screamers.

Image: Dimension Films

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