Annalise Could Still Be The Killer

"It's all her fault." That's what Michaela, one of the law students on How To Get Away With Murder , said in the forest as she and three others decide what to do with Sam Keating's body. So who is "her" and what is "her" fault? Sam Keating's death, that's what I'm thinking. The only person that I can think all of these law students would risk their lives to protect would be their professor. So did Annalise Keating kill Sam Keating, and are her students covering for her? Well that's what it seemed like from the first 59 minutes of Thursday's episode.

But that last minute is where Shonda Rhimes proved to us, once again, that everything we think we know is wrong. During the episode, Wes calls a mystery person on a burner phone and tells him/her that, "We are taking care of it... we are going to protect you." The "it" in question is most definitely Sam Keating's body, and I was almost positive that the person on the other side of that phone call was Annalise. Wrong. Wes' neighbor, Rebecca, was the one Wes called in the gas station store, and she is the one that Michaela blames for the situation they are in (disposing of a dead body).

And while it seems like Rebecca could be the one to have killed Sam — at least from this episode — I'm not entirely convinced that it is going to be that easy. I still think there is a chance that Viola Davis' Keating could be behind her husband's death, and here's why.

She learned her husband killed Lila Stangard

In the scene with her boyfriend, Detective Nate, Annalise seems visibly concerned that her husband had something to do with Lila's murder. She begs Nate — and I'm thinking she isn't someone who usually has to beg for something — to look into Sam's alibi the night of Lila's murder. In what could be an act of rage or self-defense upon finding out that Sam (could have) killed Lila, Annalise could have murdered her husband with the immunity statue that she handed out in the beginning of the semester.

The students wouldn't risk everything for Rebecca

I don't see this bunch of law students willing to risk accessory to murder to help Rebecca, unless Rebecca grows into a very influential character. Wes, as seen in the last moments of the episode, grows to have a relationship with Rebecca, but Connor Walsh? No way in hell this guy is willing to lose his career on some neighbor of Wes', right? Annalise on the other hand, I think these students would kill for her.

"We're all capable of terrible things"

Maybe I'm reading too much into this show, but that felt so ominous when Annalise told Detective Nate that everyone (her) is capable (will) of terrible things (kill her husband). If that isn't foreshadowing, than I don't know what is.

Actually I don't know what to believe and what to not believe with this show, because everything I thought I knew changed at the drop of a hat in a matter of the final 30 seconds. Well done, Shonda. You got me again.

Images: ABC