Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney's 14 Most Adorable Moments Will Convince You This Couple Isn't So Weird — PHOTOS

Mother Monster and her boyfriend, Chicago Fire actor (and total smoke show) Taylor Kinney, are notoriously private, but that doesn't stop them from being one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. They've been dating since 2011 when they met on the set of her "You And I" music video, and even though they're pretty good at keeping their relationship under wraps a few lovey-dovey pictures of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have made their way out.

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Gettin' Cozy

Post-Jingle Ball, Gaga and Taylor snuggle up.

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram

Lil Asia Makes an Appearance

Taylor captioned the pic “Gypsy Life.”

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram

All the Feels in the World

They might seem a little bit mismatched as a couple, but as Kinney said in an interview, “For whatever reason it works, but I’m a happy guy. I’m a lucky guy.” Aw!

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Keeping It in the Fam

How cute do they look while grabbing a bite at Joanne Trattoria, Gaga’s family’s restaurant?

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram

A Rare Red Carpet Appearance

Taylor gives Gaga a peck at the Bazaar Icons party.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit ADORABLE

Gaga captioned this one, “He’s singing I Got Friends in Low Places. At the Garth Brooks show with my country boy. So much fun were screamin!”

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram

"Backstage at the Garth show"

I know this slideshow is about them, but… I can’t… stop looking… AT CHRIS PRATT.

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram

Gaga, Taylor, &... James Franco?

There’s no better way to catch a show of Of Mice And Men with your boyfriend than by wearing pink alpaca fur, amirite?!

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram


Lady Gaga captioned this, “A Monster Made this for us. I love it so much. I miss him.” Personally I find this to be one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen but OH WELL they’re great.

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Taylor & Gaga


Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram

Who's Babysitting Asia?

Kinney wrote “looks like everyone knows who’s taking care of Asia while mommy is in japan.”

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram


Gaga wrote, “The bedroom is just, wow am I a lucky girl!” but she neglected to mention a certain object on the middle of the bed that her Instagram followers had a field day commenting on.

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram

At the "Piece Of Me" Show

This is probably the best way to watch Britney perform in Vegas.

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram


Cuddling with Asia, as per usual.

Image: Taylor Kinney/Instagram