'PLL' Gets Its Own Yule Ball-Ready Dresses

Can you believe that Pretty Little Liars so indecorously decided to leave us for months after that horrifyingly disturbing finale? Par for the course for a show like PLL, but still: oh, for shame, for shame, I. Marlene King. Ah well: at least we have the holiday special to keep us warm through the bitter cold that is a (mostly) Pretty Little Liars-less winter — though, sadly, our winter fix is still months away (the Christmas special is coming at the end of December).

We don't know much about the episode, aside from the fact that it is — in true Rosewood fashion — rather quippily titled, "How the 'A' Stole Christmas." Oh, and apparently Mona Vanderwaal will appear as the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future (um... okay, I guess?). That said, the official PLL Instagram account gave us a sneak peek of our favorite girls' Christmas gowns, and they couldn't be more fab — for the most part, anyway (I'm looking at you, Hanna Marin). There's Emily going full bombshell in a structured white column gown, Spencer playing it low-key in a flowy ice blue number, Hanna keeping things second-marriage-bridal in something of a style misstep, and Aria completely killing it in a retro-romantic frothy white number:

As a unit, they're fab as ever: I couldn't be happier that Rosewood apparently decided to throw its own Yule Ball.

Okay, I don't even ship #Ezria (I'm still not over the student-teacher creepiness), and I still think this still is adorable — perhaps they'll be the couple to share a romantic kiss under the mistletoe.

On a side note? Spencer and Hanna's statement lipstick game is seriously on point.

Images: prettylitteliars/Instagram