'Hunger Games' Stuntman Carlos Lopez Dies At 25 In Possible Parkour-Related Accident

So much excitement has been surrounding The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 with its release date of Nov. 21 swiftly approaching. Yet, even with the buzz about one of the last films of this popular saga, Lorde’s newly released single for the soundtrack, and the anticipation of seeing the love triangle that is Gale, Peeta and Katniss come back to life on the big screen, the Hunger Games team is in mourning over one of their own. Sadly, in what turned out to be a tragic accident, Hunger Games stuntman Carlos Lopez died on Thursday after a Parkour incident, reports The New York Daily News.

Carlos, who was also known for his work in films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 22 Jump Street, and Olympus Has Fallen, was staying in Lisbon, Portugal, where he allegedly attempted to jump from his fourth-floor window to a neighboring porch of the building beside his hotel, according to the Mirror. A witness, Natercia Gama, reported to the Mirror that the 25-year-old was unable to make the distance and landed on an interior patio. At the time, Lopez was travelling with his girlfriend who may have also witnessed the accident and reached out to the hotel staff who then called the police, according to NBC News.

The police have confirmed that the death appears to have been accidental. Already, friends of Carlos have taken to social media to send their condolences to the stuntman and martial artist.

Image: Carlos Lopez; Banun Atina Idris/Facebook