Yes, Zankie Is Still Going Strong After 'Big Brother' (Hello, Vacation!)

While it is sweet that Nicole and Hayden found love inside the Big Brother house, this season the only couple that we really cared about was Zach Rance and Frankie Grande, or Zankie, as their fans have dubbed them. The Big Brother Zankie relationship was the most picturesque friendship between two guys that could have ever existed. Sure, at times they seemed to be more couple-y than most friends are, and sure, it felt like a personal stab in the back to Zankie fans when Zach was evicted by his own BFF, but it was all part of Big Brother, right? "It was a game move," Zach says of Frankie's betrayal in an interview with Bustle, "I hold no grudge whatsoever."

But now that the show is over and the houseguests are returning to their normal lives — as normal as they can be after Big Brother — does Zach plan on keeping up Zankie? "Of course," he says without pause, "He is the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. He is funnier than most comedians that have jobs right now." And the compliments keep coming. "We have real conversations about real shit, and on top of that, he works for a charity, so how can you not like someone like that?" So it seems Zankie has never been better. In fact, Frankie even tweeted about a Zankie reunion happening soon on Thursday.

"We're hanging out this weekend," Zach says of the upcoming reunion. "We're also going on a little mini vacation this week." When I show interest in the vacation, Zach is quick to mention, "This is not a sexual, romantic vacation. We are hanging out as friends."

And while Zach and Frankie's relationship had it's ups and downs in the house — like those intense few moments before Frankie revealed that he is Ariana Grande's brother — it is nice to see that Zach can separate the game and the relationships outside of the game, which will clearly last for a while. "Frankie and I had a connection," Zach says. "I could confide in him and he could confide in me."

Long live Zankie!

Images: CBS; ZankieGrance/Tumblr