6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who's Team Peeta

After being the slightly awkward, tiny and not so popular wannabe emo girl throughout most of my teen years, I’m all about supporting the underdog in life. When I should’ve been cheering for Edward Cullen in Twilight, I was really taking Jacob’s side (even when he did imprint on a baby, which was weird). When Hanna Marin bailed on her new beau Travis for Caleb in Pretty Little Liars, I cried a little on the inside. And, unsurprisingly, when it came to Finn Hudson choosing between Rachel and Quinn, I obviously rooted for the slightly annoying, but adorable glee club girl. That’s exactly why there’s really no question as to whom I’d defend in The Hunger Games love triangle: Peeta Mellark.

Look, I get it. Peeta might get more screen time than Gale does and it might seem like he has the advantage toward winning Katniss’ heart by being in the games with her, but he’s still the sad puppy that everyone should cheer for. Though I hate to admit the similarities, just like in Twilight, Peeta falls in love with a girl who just can’t make up her mind. When pretty much everyone else knows who she should be with, but she ends up breaking the underdog’s heart anyway because, like all good stories, there has to be a loser somewhere along the way.

Yet aside from being the underdog — who is usually the most loveable character in a story — there are actually so many other reasons why Hunger Games fans should be Team Peeta. And if you don’t agree with them, then you are in dire need of rereading the book, because I’m not sure what story you’ve been following.

"Wouldn’t You Prefer Someone Who Can Hunt Over Someone Who Decorates Cakes?"

Wouldn’t you prefer someone who can camouflage themselves in times of injury to prevent their own death and, in turn, actually survive the games? I know Gale can hunt and provide for Katniss and her family and the pair could wander off into the woods together being all nature-y la la la but when it comes down to it, Peeta knows how to survive in his own way. You could probably teach me how to shoot a bow and arrow or spear a fish faster than you could teach me how to paint myself (realistically) like a tree or rock. Plus, the boy can make cake.

"Isn’t He The Weak One?"

We must be thinking of different characters, because Peeta can carry heavy bags of bread and throw giant metal weights just because he feels like it. He might be a big softy when it comes to his emotions, but I would probably cry too if the person I loved kissed me for TV but then was like “Meh, not sure if I like you actually.”

"Well Katniss And Gale Have Had History For Years"

It’s definitely true that the pair have been besties forever but let’s be real for a minute. When Peeta fell for Katniss, he let her know almost immediately. Gale knew Katniss for years and suddenly decided to tell her when she volunteered as tribute and could’ve possibly died? Come on! I don’t know if that’s just stereotypically male, but he should’ve done better. Plus, Peeta and Katniss actually go further back than you’d think. I mean he threw bread at her that one time when she was starving in the rain. Maybe it was stale, but maybe he stole my heart.

"He Isn’t Good With Wildlife"

So he almost ate a handful of Nightlock and almost poisoned himself. Eh, big deal. It’s not like the majority of us can identify poisonous plants versus edible plants anyway. Yeah, that’s going out to any of you who have felt the wrath of Poison Ivy in your life.

"Peeta Slowed Everyone Down In Both Arenas"

I’ll admit that Peeta somehow managed to find himself injured in the first and second movie, first with his leg and then when he ran into a forcefield, but he totally went out of his way to protect Katniss even when she didn’t know it. Who wouldn’t want a guy who takes all the hits for you?

"Gale Is Cuter"

You might want to step back if someone ever says this to me. Peeta has a boyish face and may not be all super macho masculine like Gale, but he’s still attractive and happens to be charming, witty, and kind as well. He’s a good listener, let’s Katniss sleep in his room when she has nightmares, and doesn’t have random temper tantrums like Gale.

So now that I’ve obviously converted you, you can enjoy The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 to the fullest extent since you’ve finally crossed over from the dark side. Trust me, it’ll be much more enjoyable this way.

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