A Complete Collection Of Amal's Best Looks EVE

Part of me, like every other girl in the universe, weeps a little (internally) when the reality hits that George Clooney is no longer a single man. George Clooney was supposed to be the forever-bachelor; the one who was always going to be there after a tough break up. And by "there," I mean that we would all be able to say, "Well, George Clooney is single too. Maybe one day he and I will be a thing." OK, so George Clooney is now married, but there is a silver lining here: George Clooney is married to Amal Almuddin who, I think, might be the most fabulous woman ever.

A human rights lawyer, activist, and author with an education that ranges from Oxford to NYU, Almuddin is generally just impressive. With Clooney and Almuddin's Venice wedding now making headlines pretty much everywhere, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding Almuddin's classic wedding gown. Yes, it's stylish. Yes, it's gorgeous, but, everyone, have you not been paying attention all along? Almuddin has had impeccable style for a while now. In case you don't believe me, here's a collection of some of her best looks, from airport chic to red carpet ready.

1. Cool and Casual

So many outfits, so much style. You go, Mrs. Clooney.

2. Ripped Jeans

Unrelated note: I, too, would really like to walk through the airport with a giant hat box. So. Classy.

3. Classic Gown

This gown isn’t too exciting, but the earrings give the outfit a little excitement and round out the whole look. Although I prefer her more exciting formalwear choices, Almuddin looks beautiful here.

4. Simple

Simple silhouettes and great accessories: The makings of a perfect outfit.

5. Neon

It’s always refreshing when a successful, professional woman can pull off floral shorts paired with a neon T-shirt and still somehow look 100 percent put together. Take notes, all.

6. Airport Chic

Chic airport looks are key for celebrities and off-duty models; Almuddin looks casual, comfortable, and cool in her airport ensemble. Oh, and then there’s that ring.

7. Bold Color

The woman makes a high-low dress work. I love that she’s not afraid to play with color; this shade of red suits her so well.

8. Statement Hat

Obsessed with this look beyond a healthy point. Far, far beyond. So glamorous. George Clooney, you lucky, lucky man.

9. Stripes

The length of this dress is perfection. The stripes could have been too much of an overwhelming print, but the length really just softens the whole look.

10. Floral

As someone who is usually deeply against high-low skirts of any kind, I am impressed that Almuddin made this dress look SO perfect. Granted, it’s Giambattista Valli so that helps, but I love how she made such a high fashion dress seem so easy and fun.

11. Pretty In Pink

Almuddin’s looks sometimes have a bit of a vintage flare, and it works perfectly for her when balanced with more modern pieces.

Image: Getty Images