31 Reasons Living Alone Is The Best

As we tentatively step into adulthood, it can be easy to forget why we ever wanted to grow up in the first place. We all get bogged down by college loans, rent, car payments, health insurance — really, just bills in general. Being an adult is scary, but it’s important that we remind ourselves that there are benefits to our added responsibility and independence. Because while reminiscing about being a teenager or college life can be fun, I've found I also surprisingly like "adult" things — and my favorite thing about being a grownup? Getting to live alone.

If you can also pee with the door open, cook naked, and talk to yourself like a crazy person, then you know what I'm talking about: there are some serious advantages to having your own place. I’m not talking about a college apartment here — I’m talking about when you have truly stepped into the world as a (mostly) independent adult, living without anyone watching over you.

Here are the 31 best things about being an adult with your own place. Because even though things can sometimes get lonely, we'll take eating breakfast naked while humming to ourselves over roommate chore wheels any day.

You Can Take Off Your Pants as soon as You Get Home

When you live alone, you get into the habit of dropping trou the minute you enter your home.

Not to Mention, Your Bra

But if you're still not satisfied ...

hell, you can Get Naked Pretty Much Whenever You Want

Whether it's sleeping, stepping out of the shower, making a sandwich, or watching TV — it's your house, so it's your rules. Air that shit out!

Which Means You Can Eat Breakfast Naked

Just maybe don't cook breakfast naked. Remember: bacon grease burns.

Speaking of Breakfast, You Can Eat Whatever You Want for Any Meal

Leftover pizza? A slice of cake from the party last night? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your day off right with whatever crap you have in the fridge.

though You Actually Get Kind of Good at Cooking

Necessity is the mother of invention. And you'll be amazed at how inventive you'll get when you have to make meals for yourself everyday.

You Don't Have to Clean the Dishes right after Dinner, either

You can leave those filthy dishes in your sink as long as you want. (That is until you realize it's infinitely better to just take care of them immediately.)

And You Only Have to Do Chores When You Want to Do Chores

You'll never hear the words, "Clean your room" again.

You Have way More Space for Your Stuff

So your place will actually be cleaner because you have more than one room to store all your shit.

You get to Tape Whatever You Want on the Walls

You want to tape (or hang in a frame, we are adults now) your classic movie poster from college on your wall? Go for it!

And Decorate Your Own dream Home

You haven't truly lived until you've gone on a shopping spree to HomeGoods. Although it will hurt your wallet, it will be oh-so-good for your soul.

You Don't Have to Hide Your Booze

Hiding alcohol under your bed or in a closet is a thing of the past.

And You Don't Have to Deny the Fact That You're buzzed

No more creeping (read: stumbling) up the stairs for you after being dropped off at your parents' house after a party. Now, you can come home and be as loud as you want — and eat all the snacks you want.

You Can Throw Parties anytime

In high school, having a party at your house only occurred when your parents went away for the weekend. Now that you have your own place, life is a party. (Until the next morning or when you realize "dinner parties" are more you speed now.)

and Truly Any Night Can Be a Party Night

You had a hard Tuesday at work — you deserve that bottle of wine.

You Can Chill Hungover the next day Relatively Guilt-Free

You lie down on that couch and binge watch Arrested Development all day — you've earned it. You're just responsible for providing your own Gatorade.

You Can WorkOut Uninterrupted

As a person who thinks every car that passes me while I jog is judging me, I now do workouts in the comfort of my own home.

And Take Long Showers

"What are you doing in there?! You're wasting all the hot water!" yelled your dad. Somehow the response, "Shaving my vagina!" never seemed appropriate.

and actually enjoy Bubble Baths

Bubble baths are sacred — I want ultimate peace in my vulnerable sudsy condition with no interruptions. No more worrying about your roommate's athlete's foot.

You Can Get any Pet you want

No more asking your parents or roommates, "Can we get a dog?" You can go to the animal shelter yourself and pick out your own lovebug (pending any apartment or condo restrictions).

You Get to sing and dance like no one's watching

Because no one is watching. People may tell you otherwise, but I know for a fact that everyone is a weirdo. My brand of weird is singing and dancing around, but whatever your particular weirdness is, you can do it without the fear of anyone seeing you.

and talk to yourself in crazy voices

Apparently, when we're truly uninhibited, we all like to talk to ourselves.

You Can Pee with the Door Open

Just saying, it's an option (seriously, it's pretty liberating).

You Can Watch Dirty Movies and TV without Being Caught

There was always that frantic moment of changing the channel before your parents entered the room when a sex scene was on in a failed attempt to not look like a perv.

and watch any tv for as long as you want

Binging on Orange Is The New Black, here I come! Only the Lord can judge me.

You can Host Coed Sleepovers every night

In fact, my boyfriend sleeps over every night.

and MakeOut Anywhere

Sneaking around in basements and cars is a thing of the past! As an adult, you get some wherever you want to.

And Have Sex Wherever You Want

You can embrace the options of orgasming in every room in your home.

You’ll Actually get Better at Saving money

Rent, electricity, cable, Internet, heat, and water bills will make you truly appreciate a good budget. Why turn up the heat when you can triple up on sweaters? Why eat out when you can make something at home?

you'll actually appreciate going out with your friends more

Having your own place is liberating and comfortable, but you'll miss your friends. Without socializing time built-in to your living situation, you'll actually have to make plans to see them.

....and then come home to a gloriously quiet apartment.

Although you might be down to drink on your couch on a weekend night, don't ignore the outside world too much. You'll be home (and naked) soon enough. And it will be the best.

Images: Paul Townsend/Flickr; Giphy (31)