Teresa Giudice Follows Prison Sentencing With a Party, But She Might Be Doing it For the Right Reason

Days after Teresa Giudice received a 15-month prison sentence in connection with fraud and tax evasion charges, it appears that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy while she and husband Joe Giudice prepare to serve their jail time: Specifically, Us Weekly reports that Teresa Giudice plans to hold a wine party next week. The purpose of the gathering is to promote her Fabellini wine brand by giving away autographed bottles and holding a meet-and-greet for fans.

With the Giudices facing some serious time away from their family, at first glance it seems like the reality star should spend this time with them instead of further exploiting her Housewives image by hawking products and posing for photos with fans — especially since she'll be the first one to serve her prison sentence.

But, perhaps, this is Teresa's effort to hold things together and show strength for the sake of her young children, who will have the unfortunate experience of dealing with both their parents going to prison — not to mention having entire situation play out in the public eye. And, seeing as how her husband Joe received a harsher sentence, Teresa is likely focused on earning money for the future in anticipation of being the sole source of financial support for her children. Another explanation for Giudice's ongoing commitment to work may be the legal ramifications she potentially faces by choosing not to fulfill these professional obligations, which more than likely include some sort of contractual agreement. Perhaps this explains why Giudice will film the Season 6 RHONJ reunion.

With the world watching her every move and receiving harsh criticism from Housewives co-stars who have chosen to gloat about the outcome of the fraud case, I can't imagine not hiding out in shame, but if Giudice is in fact, continuing to work to secure a better future for her children, then I won't judge her for that.