Ana Gasteyer Releases New Music Video "One Mint Julep" and We're Obsessed

If you want to start your day off the right way, Ana Gasteyer just posted an epic music video that chronicles a fateful love affair and one strong mint julep. Gasteyer, who you might remember from SNL or Suburgatory, recently released the album, I’m Hip, and I’m all about this lady's endless, versatile talent. “One Mint Julep,” a song originally written by Rudy Toombs and recorded by The Clovers in 1951, follows the life and times of a smitten and tipsy Gasteyer and Councilman Jamm, I mean, Jon Glaser (for the record, I was half-expecting Glaser to manically shout, “YOU JUST GOT JAMMED” but that totally doesn’t happen) who pull a Britney Spears circa '04, and get hitched five seconds later.

If you’ve ever fallen in love at a bar after one or two mighty fine dranks, then you know how persuasive a little bit of booze can be. I think most of us have made some pretty weird decisions after four or five whiskey sours, so I don’t think it’s really a surprise when Gasteyer decides to marry Jon Glaser after “one mint julep.” Since most relationships born at bars don’t last very long, Gasteyer’s starts to tank and one mint julep becomes two, and soon enough she has six kids from “drankin’ whiskey”. Since Ana Gasteyer is perfect, she pulls off despair and drama like no other. Watch the video here:

Ana Gasteyer on YouTube

Image: Getty