Little Girl Sings Poop-Themed Cover Of ‘Frozen’ ’s “Let It Go” And We're Pretty Into It

Six-year-old Emily Mandelbaum recorded her own version of “Let It Go,” which conveys the struggles of pooping. Naturally, the Internet has welcomed this video like it welcomes most videos starring kids doing adorable things. I’m all about Mandelbaum’s cover, which is way more raw and unapologetic than the original (IMHO), but let’s be real here. A six-year-old did not write those lyrics. Her parents did. And her parents told her to read off rompts as they helped her record a video because they want a little piece of that Internet fame pie. Clearly, these parents know their target market, because “Let Me Poop” has over one million hits. Well played, Irwin and Lisa Mandelbaum. Well played.

I can’t give Irwin and Lisa too much shit though (pun very much intended). Singing about poop is fun, and maybe we should all do it. Obviously, we all have some very positive, albeit harbored, feelings about poop; Emily Mandelbaum’s rendition of “Let It Go” is hilarious and spot-on for a reason. Perhaps, if anything, this six-year-old has started the beginnings of a social poop revolution.

Poop, which is generally a taboo topic, is something most humans fear talking about even though it’s an insanely integral aspect of our lives. We poop every single day if we're lucky. Sometimes even two or three times if we’ve had curry. Sometimes we don’t poop for a few days and the absence of poop becomes worrisome and a source of great fear and sorrow. Bottom line: poop is very important.

So then why do we avoid talking about it? Why does every girl have at least one story that entails holding in a poop while she’s at her boyfriend’s apartment? Emily Mandelbaum may only be six, and her song is most likely the product of two fame-starved parents, but she’s an awesome example of the unabashed attitude we should have about poop. It’s natural. It happens. And it feels amazing when we pop a squat and finally LET IT GO.


Images: Disney