New 'Ravenswood' Trailer Is Elegant and Eerie

ABC Family released a new trailer for Ravenswood that's going to have fans scrambling for more. The network's new project, the official spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, is set to air on October 22.

The trailer shows Pretty Little Liars' Caleb and the other stars of the new show not really doing anything in various places around the town when black feathers start to fall from the sky. Each character catches a feather and simultaneously take off towards the cemetary, congregating around a large white statue of an angel (familiar to viewers from the episode of PLL) holding live, white roses. The trailer doesn't reveal any actual footage from the new show, but it does showcase an eerily beautiful song by The Civil Wars.

We need to draw your attention to and address the old, discolored photo of a man that looks remarkably like Caleb. The photo is definitely the most telling part of the trailer and possibly something to do with the town's "curse"? Interesting.

ABC Family previously teased the show in an early episode during this season of Pretty Little Liars, with a brief visit to the town by Spencer and Toby that gave little away. The liars are set to return there during the summer finale Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. EST, perhaps to reveal more about what Ravenswood will be about?

I might be addicted already...

Check it out for yourself here: