24 Scandalous Hollywood Love Triangles You Forgot About

Now that Jelena is officially off-again (well, at least for the next five minutes, knowing them), the reason for their heated breakup supposedly has to do with Justin cozying up to none other than model "It" girl and Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner during Paris Fashion Week. He grabbed dinner with her and they partied it up together later that night, making Selena so mad she up and left Paris, and deleted the Biebs off of Instagram. Ouch.

This kind of love triangle, however dramatic, definitely isn't the worst one Hollywood has ever seen. From the major infidelities that are still brought up daily, to the ones that faded from the tabloids as soon as they'd arrived, celebrities have a habit of straying outside their relationships.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

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We might as well start with the biggest one: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. They were Hollywood’s golden couple (literally–check out their matching hair!), until Brad started working on Mr. & Mrs. Smith with…

Angelina Jolie

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images News/Getty Images

…Angelina Jolie. Cheating and divorce rumors were all over the place, and eventually Brad left Jennifer for Angie. Looks like everything turned out okay for everyone, though.

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

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Ever wonder how Woody Allen met his wife, Soon-Yi Previn? Well, she was actually his adopted daughter before she broke up his marriage to…

Mia Farrow

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…actress Mia Farrow. The falling out was, understandably, a huge deal, especially given the recent scandal between the former husband and wife.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

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The Twilight love birds seemed like an awkwardly adorable match made in movie heaven, until Kristen was caught by photographers canoodling with someone other than Rob…

Rupert Sanders

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…and it turned out to be Rupert Sanders, her Snow White and The Huntsman director. Their hook-up didn’t just put an end to Kristen and Rob’s relationship - it ultimately ended in Rupert’s divorce from then-wife Liberty Ross.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

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The age difference between Ashton and Demi never seemed to matter, until their marriage hit a rough patch and resulted in Ashton reconnecting with his former co-star…

Mila Kunis

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Ted actress Mila Kunis. The That 70’s Show co-stars hit it off, and Ashton soon ended his marriage to Demi. Mila and Ashton just welcomed baby Wyatt Isabelle into the world.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

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The relationship between the pop diva and her backup dancer was “chaotic,” for sure. Even more so? The fact that Britney only got him by driving a wedge between Kevin and the mother of his kids…

Shar Jackson

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…actress and singer Shar Jackson. Yikes.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

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Angelina and Billy Bob were the definitely of crazy in love…emphasis on the crazy. Between the vials of each others’ blood they carried around the necks, to their wild child style, they seemed MFEO, but turns out repeat love-triangle-offender Angie stole her man away from…

Laura Dern

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The Fault In Our Stars actress Laura Dern. Thornton’s former fiancé spilled, “I left our home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I’ve never heard from him again.”

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese

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The marriage between this rock ‘n roll twosome ended when Marilyn hooked up with…

Evan Rachel Wood

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…actress Evan Rachel Wood. They dated for a while, until Marilyn reportedly kicked her brother out of his guest house and things abruptly came to an end.

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

Despite Chris Brown’s negative image, model Karrueche Tran has continuously chosen to stick by his side. It hasn’t been easy, though, because of social media drama stirred up by Chris’s megastar ex…

Image: Chris Brown/Instagram


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…Rihanna. Even though I personally think Rihanna should stay away from the human crap stain that is Chris Brown, the heart wants what the heart wants.

John Mayer and Taylor Swift

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The relationship between T-Swift and John Mayer came and went pretty fast, but it was painful enough for Taylor to pen the painful song “Dear John,” about him. The world thought Taylor had moved on, until she made some snide comments in an interview about a fellow pop star…

Katy Perry

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…who everyone speculates is Katy Perry. The former besties allegedly had a falling out when Katy started dating Taylor’s ex, John.

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez

After Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez put a pin in their relationship, the actress was reportedly none too happy that her former baseball beau started shacking up mere days later with…

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Cameron Diaz

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…Cameron Diaz. Kate was supposedly “pissed” and a mini-feud was born.

Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter

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Ah, young love. Disney star Hilary Duff was head over heels for pop singer Aaron Carter, until…

Lindsay Lohan

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…he cheated on her with fellow Disney actress, Lindsay Lohan. #awkward

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

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Like Brad and Jennifer before them, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon seemed like the perfect couple. After starring in a few massively popular movies together and popping out some beyond cute kids, Ryan was caught cheating with…

Abbie Cornish

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…his Stop-Loss co-star, Abbie Cornish. Ryan and Reese have since patched things up and she’s happily remarried, but back then it was a pretty bitter break-up.