What's Up with Her Cryptic Tweet?

Some guys have a routine when they go on dates: they bring flowers, go to their favorite Italian restaurant, etc. But Justin Bieber? He pretty much has the worst dating tradition — getting in trouble with the paparazzi. In August, Bieber reportedly lunged at someone who tried photographing him and Selena Gomez at Dave & Buster's. Then earlier this week, appeared to have punched a paparazzo while out to dinner with Kendall Jenner at a restaurant in Paris. No, no, no, Justin! This is not how you impress the ladies. Speaking of unimpressed females, Selena Gomez tweeted a cryptic message, believed to be directed at KennJenn and the Biebs.

Gomez wrote, "Sometimes we think we aren't good enough. But then I realize when I think I'm alone I have God." Reportedly she also tweeted (but deleted): "we have to learn the hard way sometimes"

Reports are coming out that these messages are related to Jenner and Bieber's dinner date, but are they really? Of course, Gomez is the only one who knows that answer, but based on the situation, it's definitely a possibility. Either way, it seems like it could be about Bieber — maybe/hopefully she's over him for good this time? After all, the two had gone to Paris Fashion Week together, so for him to ditch her for dinner with Jenner doesn't seem cool. Mostly because of Jenner and Gomez's former "toxic" friendship. Even if he and Jenner are just friends, the whole thing seems shady.

Here's a handy infographic to catch you up on how these three know each other:

Now let's look at a timeline of their trip to Paris, and then you can draw your own conclusions about this lil love triangle.

Tuesday Morning: Selena & Justin ate breakfast together

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Jelena ate breakfast together in Paris that morning. I wonder what they ate. Croissants, perhaps?

Tuesday Night: Justin & Kendall ate dinner together

The incident in question, where he punched a paparazzo, happened later that night. Apparently they ate at a fancy French restaurant and sipped champagne. I'm not saying that's a date, but it sounds pretty romantic to me.

Wednesday Night: Selena tweets about not being "good enough"

Of course, it's a bit vague and could mean anything, but it sure seems relevant to this situation. She's not really one to tweet random messages just for funzies. There's always a purpose to her posts.

Aside from those events, here are a few other things to consider. Yup, these aspects complicate the situation a bit:

Tuesday Night: Selena & Miranda Pose Together

Somewhere in that same 24-hour span, Selena Gomez was photographed with Miranda Kerr at a party. This is super awk because Kerr is Orlando Bloom's ex, who supposedly is the reason for Bieber/Bloom-gate 2014. Yeah, remember that fight? Others reported that Bieber steered clear of Kerr for that very reason. Maybe this is also why he wasn't seen with Gomez that night either.

Wednesday Afternoon: Selena & Kris Jenner Carpool

Very interesting! TMZ reports that Selena Gomez gave Kris Jenner a ride home on Wednesday. Hmm, this could mean there are no harsh feelings between Gomez and the Jenner fam. Or maybe she's just a generous soul who shares her cars.

Long story short? I'm super confused. It seems like things with Jelena aren't on the best terms, since they went to Paris together and left separately. But maybe it has nothing to do with Jenner, since Gomez bonded with momager Kris the next day. Either way, it's a headache trying to track this young love triangle. The main lesson here? Avoid going on dates with Biebs — it never ends well!

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