Twitter Hires a Commerce Chief to Oversee Development of Shopping via Timeline

Our pockets may get us into extra trouble shortly. Twitter just hired its first chief of commerce, an essential move in the plan to facilitate shopping via posts on your timeline. Make sure to lock your phone before tucking it into your back pocket! You thought butt-tweeting was bad... just imagine the implications of butt shopping.

Nathan Hubbard, who comes to Twitter from Ticketmaster, where he served as president, told Business of Fashion that Twitter will "go to people who have stuff to sell and help them use Twitter to sell it more effectively." Rather than Twitter selling goods itself, think of it as a marketplace for merchants and vendors to hawk their wares to followers and consumers. Instead of jumping into deep waters it isn't entirely familiar with, Twitter will plan to partner with providers of payment services and let them do their thing.

So what does this mean for us? Convenience, for one. Our morning news links, memes, and online shopping will now be housed in one convenient timeline. Wouldn't it be great to read about new advances in lip color, and click to purchase on the link that got you there? (Yes.) We're watching, Twitter.

Image: oatawa/Fotolia