Is Maksyl One of Their Supporters?

What does Dancing With The Stars' golden couple think of Season 19's new will-they-won't-they pairing? Well, if I were Maksim Chmerkovskiy, I'd at least tell my brother to not go so over the top — so maybe he's pulling for this pair to fall from grace. We've all been wondering whether or not DWTS partners Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy are faking it, but more importantly, we all need to know how Maks and Meryl Davis are taking the news that Janelskiy is the new Maksyl. Could they be reveling in the fact that the pressure is off for them to get married? Or are they so not into the fact that Janel and Val are trying to cash in on the true love DWTS-romance situation that Maksyl created by being totally fake about it? You know what they say, the truth comes out on social media — so let's take a look.

Obviously, you all remember seeing Meryl Davis sitting in the audience during the DWTS Season 19 premiere. I don't know if that's a contractual obligation of winning the mirror ball or Meryl's still enjoying the glow of being admired by Val, but she was there in all of her mirror-ball glory. So, is that the only confirmation we need that Maksyl supports Janelskiy as their successors in DWTS love? Possibly not.

Here's how Maks and Meryl's social media accounts read regarding Janelskiy:

Meryl's Winking-Face Tweet

Read: "We all know you're faking it, but it's OK because you learned from the best."

Maks' Emoji-Tweet

Read: "You set yourself up for this one, bro. But don't worry, I totally know you're faking it."

Maks Taking Credit For Janelskiy

Read: "If you're going to steal mine and Meryl's moves, you'd better RECOGNIZE."

This Instagram Post

Read: "Vote for Janelskiy, but never forget that Maksyl is the OG DWTS 'ship. (That means you, Val.)"

And Lastly, This One

Read: "You actually think we care about Janelskiy? LOL, joke's on you. Because we're still ALL about Maksyl 4ever. (Peace sign emoji)"

And so DWTS Season 19 continues...

Images: maksimc/Instagram (2)