My Favorite Teen Store To Shop As An Adult

Basics. Every wardrobe's saving grace. Note: I don't mean basic bitch items, either. And I'm here to tell you that Garage is the brand to shop when you need to stock up on your white tees, your black leggings, your cozy sweats, comfy sleep pants, weekend warrior hoodies, and other leisure wear that's still stylish. Sweats and sleepwear can be stylish and Victoria's Secret PINK brand has made a fortune on the blinged-out basics concept. While I love the fit of their hoodies and bottoms, I've reached the age where having "PINK" splashed across my butt isn't exactly my cup of tea. That's why I've become so enamored by Montreal brand Garage.

While it's not full of super trendy pieces, like, say, Forever 21, the youthful basics retailer is always on point. It's totally affordable, and I find myself going to the mall just to shop at its stores. Sure, I'm not the target demo, but it carries lots of items that aren't age-specific. Sometimes it pays to shop with the teens.

While brick-and-mortar Garage stores are nestled in bigger, destination-like malls like King of Prussia outside of Philly or Garden State Plaza outside of New York City, it's also easy to shop the brand online, so it doesn't matter where you live. I can't get out of a shopping trip without stocking up on its V-neck tees, its thick, French terry leggings which keep your legs warm in winter, the comfy hoodies, and stylin' scarves. Below, some of my must haves, to fuel your Garage obsession.

1. Winter Leggings

My absolute favorite signature from Garage are their French terry leggings, which are super soft but thicker than the usual, so you can wear leggings in winter and not freeze. ($19.90,

2. Sexy V-Necks

The V-necks are fitted, super soft, and hold up for more than just a couple washes. Not too shabby for a shirt under $13. ($12.90,

3. Hoodies, Hoodies, Hoodies

Hoodies are like the comfort food of fashion — and they don't have to be oversize and shapeless either. Garage's hoodies are fitted and femme, and usually boast cute graphics, like this vintage-y Brooklyn one. ($39.90,

4. Edgy Jeggings

Jeggings can still look cool, guys. I swear. Garage jeggings usually always have edgy details, like zipper accents, a fresh wash, or a high waist. ($44.90,

5. Leather Weather

It's leather weather, and if you don't want to splurge on the real thing, Garage has a bunch of faux leather jackets that are just as fashionable and cute as the real thing. These bombers are super, duper warm, too. Bundle up! ($89.90,

6. Slouchy Joggers

Whether you are going to the gym or running errands, do it in style. These slouchy jogging pants are really cute, cut in a femme way, and are totally comfy. There's no need to be sloppy when wearing basics! ($29.90,

7. Don't Forget The Dress

If you need a cute, stylish, and inexpensive dress for date night, a family event, or just 'cause, Garage always has options, like this merlot fit-and-flare frock. ($20,

8. Eternity Scarf

I love scarves for their layering prowess even more than how warm they keep my neck. Garage has tons of scarves that fit both bills. This bulky eternity scarf looks like a must-own for winter. ($19.90,

Images: Garage (9)