20 Bold Pieces of Personalized Statement Jewelry That Are Way More Inspiring Than A Name Necklace

I want a unique statement necklace. And not the chunky kind. I want the kind I'd wear every day because it says something personal about me, and after a while I don't even feel like myself without it. That's what I want.

Now that the "Carrie" script gold chain has had its day, it's time to find an updated, personalized accessory to take its place. Here are 20 different ways to make our own statement with jewelry.

You're in a sorority

I love the daintiness of these pennant chains with sorority letters.

Sorority necklace, $37, etsy.com

You love your dog

Keep your best friend with you at all times.

Labrador necklace (other breeds available), $30, etsy.com

You're a geek at heart

Or a geek lover. Either way, this glossy circuit board stands alone as a graphic piece.

Circuit board heart necklace, $32, etsy.com

You're a fashion designer

This slightly abstract take on a dress pattern would be a great little conversation starter.

Dress pattern necklace, $16.40, etsy.com

You're an artist

You like to get your hands dirty and create.

Paint palette necklace, $41, etsy.com

You're a traveler

This two-charm necklace travels the globe and comes back home again.

Home & compass necklace, $28, etsy.com

You love books

These tiny Penguin cover earrings are too funny.

Penguin Classic earrings, $19.79, etsy.com

You're a photographer

I’m a sucker for a black-and-white retro graphic.

Camera pendant, $22, etsy.com

You love graphic novels

An image of a strong woman in a stereotypically guy’s world.

Graphic charm pendant, $15, etsy.com

You love your cat

This takes me back to the ceramic animals I collected as a child.

Ceramic cat necklace, $38, etsy.com

You love music

This musical ring would be pretty stacked with a couple of silver bands.

Musical note ring, $22, etsy.com

You love your home state

There’s no place like home.

California necklace (other states available), $16, etsy.com

You're a stargazer

Maybe an astronomer, maybe a dreamer.

Starburst pendant, $18, etsy.com

You love movies

Making them, watching them, quoting from them.

Film strip earrings, $32, etsy.com

You're a designer

The language of color speaks to you.

Pantone color pendant, $40, etsy.com

You're a cook

Your creativity comes out in the kitchen.

Vintage cookbook bracelet, $65, etsy.com

You're a nature lover

Flowers always catch your eye.

Flower ring, $45, etsy.com

You're a writer

A little bit elementary school, a little bit cool.

Pencil necklace, $20.62, etsy.com

You're a vegetarian

Declare your animal loyalty.

Vegetarian necklace, $29, etsy.com

You love peace

Think of the karma if absolutely everyone wore a peace symbol.

Stacking rings with peace charm, $35, etsy.com