This 'Sex And The City 3' Clue From Sarah Jessica Parker Is Making The Style-Obsessed Internet Explode

Here's to hoping Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte will be re-entering our lives sometime soon. After Sarah Jessica Parker posted maybe, possibly the most cryptic set of Instagrams of all time on Tuesday, the SATC 3 rumor mill has been churning basically non-stop. The main photo in question, which features SJP on the steps of what appears to be Carrie's SATC apartment, includes a selection of SJP's shoe line displayed on the steps, but the hashtag/caption is really where it gets confusing. The actress/shoe designer wrote: "It was take your @sjpcollection shoes to work day. #longdayforCarrie #whewwwwthosesteps #runninginheels #taxi!" And that wasn't the only photo; SJP also posted a photo from the famous stoop on her SJP Collection account, only adding to the excitement and panic for SATC fans.

But back to that caption: Ok, SJP. What is this "work" you speak of? Are you filming another movie? AND ARE YOU PLAYING CARRIE IN SAID MOVIE? IS THE MOVIE SEX AND THE CITY THREE? JUST TELL US ALREADY, PLEASE. Although Parker did follow up the Instagram with another post that seemed to imply that the photo wasn't exactly what we thought it was, I'm still just very, very confused about what to think at this point. Why tease us if there's no promise of a third movie? Why even give us reason to dream about possible story lines and viewing parties? It just doesn't seem fair, and SJP's Twitter followers agreed. Here are a handful of the best reactions to Sarah Jessica Parker's #longdayforCarrie photo and the other two super confusing Instagram photos as well.

And then when SJP posted that other Instagram along with another confusing caption, people just really didn't know how to react.

I'm not fooled either, Parker. See you in theaters soon.