Meet the 'Are You the One?' Season 2 Cast & Let Us Decipher the Truth Behind their MTV Bios

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Though it's pretty quiet (and by that, I mean no one watches it) MTV's Are You the One ?, the dating show that matches 10 couples via a “unique dating algorithm,” is probably the weirdest dating show on television. Yes, even weirder than Dating Naked — which other than the nudity, is really not that weird, and has a 60 percent success rate, mind you.

The Goal of Are You the One? is for all 20 people to figure out who their perfect match is according to the algorithm, even if they actually like someone else in the group more. If they successfully pair all 10 couples, they all get to split $1 million. The first season involved a lot of putting their hands on iPads, standing in green screen booths, and keeping intricate, usually wrong, handwritten notes to try and figure out the formula. But mostly it involved a lot of crazy people very openly stating who they did and didn't like all the time. But, despite all odds, those crazy people actually figured this madness out. So, of course, Are You the One? returns for a second season on Monday night, and this time, MTV is adding one extra player to make the competition even more challenging, and probably permanently scar someone's psyche.

Let's get down with MTV's bio page and meet those potential someones!

Image: MTV

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