'SATC 3' Plotlines That Need Exploring

On Friday, Jennifer Hudson teased single-handedly the biggest, best news ever during a radio interview when she said that there could be a Sex in the City 3 movie happening. This is not a drill. Put down your cosmo, pause your SATC marathon right now, and alert everyone you know. The girls (could very possibly be) back. In an interview, Hudson said the following about a third Sex and the City film, "I think it might be [happening]. Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it." And as if that wasn't amazing enough, Sarah Jessica Parker asked co-star Kristin Davis if she had heard about "the news" via Twitter. Davis' response was even more teasing, confirming she did hear "the news" but she didn't want to get too excited, so SJP should let her know when they can celebrate.

So either Louise from St. Louis, SJP, and Kristin Davis are totally messing with us — if that is the case, rude — or they are totally spilling the beans on something I've only waited my entire life for (OK, I've been waiting since 2010, when the second film came out). The third film installment of the beloved series is so needed in every fans' life because you can only re-watch the episodes so many times before you want something new. It's a concept I feel Carrie would also apply to shoes. But where would the women be more than five years out of the last movie? Let's explore potential plot lines for each of our favorite ladies until we get more information on if this movie is going to happen (if not, I'm starting a Kickstarter for it).


Where we left her: Although there was a millisecond of doubt in the Carrie/ Mr. Big relationship when Carrie kissed Aiden on vacation, the two seemed to end the second film stronger than ever. Big got Carrie a beautiful ring to represent her uniqueness and their love for each other. The TV problem was solved, only reserved for classic black and whites. They finally seemed to have their happy ending.

What her story should be: No drama in the love department for Carrie in the third film, please. She was stood up at her own wedding in the first movie, and in the second movie it seemed like maybe they wouldn't end up together. So if and when this movie happens, let's keep their relationship off-limits. Maybe the film can explore Carrie's career more than her relationship woos.


Where we left her: In the second film, Samantha struggled with her adapting to the changes that she was going through with menopause. But then she met the architect in Abu Dhabi, and the Samantha that we love quickly came back to our lives.

What her story should be: A quote that I will forever associate with Samantha is, "I love you, but I love me more." It is a quote that embodies her strong, independent personality. With that said, I'd like to see Samantha's story be about anything that makes her happy. She doesn't have to end up with someone, that would go against the grain of everything she — and I — believes in. If Samantha wants to find a partner, then go for it, if she wants to remain single, then go for it! She's Samantha f-king Jones, after all.


Where we left her: Charlotte learned at the end of the second movie that it is OK to just want to get away from your family for a few hours, something that seemed foreign to her character up until that point.

What her story should be: Charlotte loves her family, but I think her character in the next film should explore more of her independent self. Her and Harry aren't going anywhere — let's just get that out of the way — so the Charlotte that we saw at the end of the second film should still be Charlotte we have in the third film.


Where we left her: Miranda had such a good thing going for her in the second movie. Such a good thing. She was fun in Abu Dhabi — karaoke, anyone? — and after the first film involved infidelity issues with Steve, her relationship seemed better than ever.

What her story should be: CAN WE KEEP THIS MIRANDA, PLEASE? She seemed happy, which was one of my main dislikes in the series, she was always complaining. Whatever she is up to, let's keep positive and fun Miranda around.

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