'Sex and the City 3' Might Happen

Reading about how Sarah Jessica Parker found a bunch of money lying around on an NYC street has me thinking—and this is a complete stretch—but maybe, just maybe Parker's apparent lucky streak will somehow magically extend itself to fans who want to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte reunite on the big screen for the third time. Just in case that sounds like it came out of thin air, allow me to clarify. While Parker was unexpectedly collecting checks off a city sidewalk, Jennifer Hudson hinted at a Sex and The City 3. According to MTV, Hudson's exact words to Dish Nation were, "I think it might be [happening]. Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it."

That's not the most solid confirmation but judging by Hudson's casual response, it sounds like some pretty legitimate moves are being made behind the scenes. She even suggested that she's interested in reprising her role as Carrie's hopelessly romantic assistant Louise. "Look for Louise from St. Louis," Hudson said. Wow, well seeing as how the ladies from SATC are basically imaginary sisters to die-hard fans of the show and two films, I'd love to see this actually come to fruition and here are a few reasons why it should happen:

The SATC sequel just wasn't as good as the first one...

But it's true, though. As much as love the ladies, I have to admit the second film is a kind of a blur for me. I need them to redeem themselves and prove that the third time is indeed the charm.

I miss seeing Carrie's clothes.

Actually I miss everyone's outfits. This sounds so superficial, but hey, whatevs. Sure she was an irresponsible character and I can understand why some New York women loathe Carrie Bradshaw, but sometimes a girl just wants to drool over clothing she can't afford. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who could get enough of Big and Carrie?

At this point, Big and Carrie would likely be settled and over all their previous relationship drama, but I'd like to see producers prove Kim Cattrall wrong and show us that there's more to this story that needs to be told.Images: Giphy; divaliscious/Tumblr