This Is The Best BCA Campaign We've Seen

Ralph Lauren is proving that his designs aren't the only classy thing that goes down at RL HQ. As a part of Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Fund, the brand has launched a campaign during the month of October to raise even more money for cancer care and prevention. For every photo you post on Facebook, Twitter, or the initiative's web page with the hashtag #PinkPonyPromise, Ralph Lauren will donate $10 to cancer-related causes.

I applaud you, Mr. Lauren and co. Not to belittle any other social media fundraising efforts, but 10 bucks just for a picture of me showing off my new favorite lipstick with my super messy room in the background (or maybe just a bunch of flowers if I'm feeling lazy)? That's pretty generous, man.

Plus, you can tag up to five friends, and Ralph Lauren will donate an extra dollar for each. The fundraising will continue up to the million dollar mark. This is in addition to the 25 percent the brand already gives from purchases of its signature Pink Pony items. Mom's birthday coming up? How about a classic tee and $12 towards cancer charities? I might buy one for my mom just because I love her — and also, because this is a pretty amazing opportunity to shop for a cause.

Hearing about this initiative put a huge smile on my face, because Lauren realizes he's in a very unique position to affect change and he's taking advantage of it. The site's homepage shows a picture of Lauren holding a sign that says, "Years ago I made a promise to a friend to join her in her fight against cancer. Pink Pony is my promise to never stop never stop caring." I'm getting a little misty here, guys. Even if this is a great publicity generator for the brand, I don't even care. My love for fashion grows stronger when I see things like this, and it makes me proud to have a passion for the industry, well-camouflaged warts (with the finest concealers, of course) and all.

So keep this in mind this month, ladies: There's no shame in a little impulse buy for charity or a selfie or two, especially when you hashtag it with #PinkPonyPromise.

Image: Ralph Lauren/Instagram