11 Juicy Pear Recipes Because Apples Aren’t the Only Fruit in Season This Fall, You Know

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Between all this talk of apple pies, apple picking, and apple cider, you’d think there was only one fruit in season these days. What about the figs? The grapes? And most importantly: Where are our beautiful, juicy pears?

If apples are the it fruit of fall, then imagine pears as the renegade. Sure, you can whip them up into a good, old-fashioned pie, and yes, they even make a mean cider — but the beauty of these seasonal underdogs is that they’re down for everything. Tender at heart, they purée like a dream, playing nicely with fall squash and cake batter alike. They’ll top your pizza and your mac and cheese like apples never could. Then, when you’re finally ready for dessert, they will hold nothing back: Poach them, bake them, or turn them into gelato — pears are going to be your new best friend.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

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