13 Butternut Squash Recipes Because Pumpkin Is So Last Fall

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Forget summer cobblers and say good-bye to cookouts. Were you planning to fire up the grill for old times' sake? Too bad. Because fall is here, and we’re bringing out the gourds. Mostly, this means one big pumpkin party, all day, every day until spring. There are lattes to drink and pies to bake — but even as you nibble on pumpkin spice Oreos, let’s not forget the seasonal underdog: butternut squash.

Sure, it may not have the decorative appeal of pumpkin. You can’t carve it. You can’t stick a candle in it. And you definitely can’t go to the butternut patch and Instagram the heck out of it. But here’s what you can do: since butternut squash is totally down for whatever you’re craving, you can turn it into a whole season of cozy fall foods, from creamy soup to risotto. Move over, pumpkin. There’s a new gourd in town.

Image: Naturally Ella

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