LOL Because Pinterest Thinspo Sucks

I've written before about my love-hate relationship with Pinterest, but really, I'm all for it when someone makes fun of the social network that has the uncanny ability to make you feel bad not only about yourself, but also about your diet, workout routine, living room, kitchen, and closet.

That's why I loved this funny post from fitness blogger and personal trainer Kat Whitfield. If you've ever wondered WTF is going on with the thinspo on your Pinterest, you'll get a kick out of her hilarious hand-altered fitspiration pics.

I mean:

LOL forever. She's so SO right about many of these. I could go on and on about how the thinspo and fitspiration that proliferate on the internet, especially on Pinterest, are in fact damaging to both bodies and self-esteem, but aside from the serious concerns, a lot of it is just, well....plain STUPID.

I get that people need motivation, but is pinning a platitude that's been superimposed on a picture of some model with Photoshopped abs really going to encourage you to run? Is looking at an anonymous woman's nonexistent armpit fat going to make you start lifting weights? No. No, it's not. And Kat Whitfield's funny edits in Microsoft Paint point out the ridiculousness of what thinspo is supposed to do, as well the silly ways it tries to do it.

Photos via Kat Whitfield's blog