How is Harry Returning for 'Fantastic Beasts'?

Once again, J. K. Rowling has caused the Harry Potter fandom to have a complete meltdown. On an epic scale. This is even more epic than the meltdown that happened over her revelation that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger would have made a good couple and if you were a Potterhead for all of these years then you know how extreme this news must be to beat that. Rowling has been leaving all kinds of teasing tweets for her fans since she revealed that she's working on a little somethin' somethin', but we've got it all figured out. Word on the street is that Rowling is bringing Harry Potter back in a week — but in what context still remains to be seen.

Right now, it seems most likely that Harry is involved in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film in some way. The writing that Rowling teased that she is doing was said to be somehow related to that. We might be able to figure out that one of her tweets is an anagram for "Harry returns! Won't say any details now. A week off. No comment", but none of us understand Rowling's brilliant and twisted mind enough to guess what that means. So if Harry Potter is coming back for Fantastic Beasts, how can they make that happen considering it takes place decades before his birth? I have 11 guesses.

1. It's a bedtime story to his children.

You've seen The Princess Bride, right? What if Harry's return comes in the form of a framing device that reveals, for some reason, that he tortures his children every night by reading them a school textbook as a bedtime story. Maybe it's an homage to Hagrid. Maybe he really liked that textbook. Maybe he really hates his kids. Who knows?

2. He's writing the conclusion.

The final scene of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them could be a voice over and short clip of Harry Potter writing the conclusion to the book, for whatever reason. After all, Luna did marry Rolf Scamander. Maybe Luna and Rolf felt nothing would tie up the latest edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them better than having Harry Potter write them a conclusion.

3. He's adding his expertise.

In Rowling's charity book version of Fantastic Beasts, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter wrote all over their textbook, adding their own snarky commentary on all of the beasts that they had heard of or faced so far over the course of the series. Maybe in the film version, Harry and Ron will interrupted the movie periodically to add their snarky commentary on the beasts that Newt is recording.

4. There's another Harry Potter.

Who says that Harry Potter was the first person in his family named Harry Potter? Sure, he wasn't named Harry Potter IV, but maybe James and Lily just aren't that pretentious. Newt Scamander might just run into an old Harry of his own in the 1920s, who is completely unaware that his great-grand-nephew or whatever is going to save the wizarding world from certain destruction. Twice.

5. He's buying the book.

The final scene of Fantastic Beasts is going to feature a hard cover binding falling shut over the screen before the camera pans out to reveal Harry carrying a copy of the novel to the cashier at Flourish & Blott's, unaware of the history that the audience has just watched. I'm calling it from now.

6. The whole movie is a Pensieve.

As a special favor to Luna, Harry helps Rolf track down his grandfather's legendary Pensieve, so he can see for himself what his grandfather was like and what travels he experienced. Then, as Rolf sticks his head into the Pensieve, the movie officially begins. I want this to be true for the sheer fact that we'd get a glimpse at Luna's husband, to be honest.

7. He time travels back to the '20s.

Who says time turners can only go back a few hours? You know, besides wizarding law? For one reason or another, Harry needs to time travel back to the '20s in order to save the wizarding world of the past and he and Newt Scamander team up to do it. It's Rowling's world, you guys. I'm sure she can find a way to explain this.

8. Newt Scamander writes him a message.

Maybe Newt Scamander is some kind of Seer and he had a prophecy that Harry Potter would one day exist. At the end of the movie, he leaves a message for Harry to find in the future. Hopefully, the message wasn't something that could have changed the tide of the Second Wizarding War earlier and is instead something more along the lines of DON'T FORGET TO THROW OUT THE MILK ON AUGUST 3, 2023.

9. It's part of a time capsule.

Hermione thought it would be a good idea for herself and all of Dumbledore's Army, as well as their children, to start a time capsule for future generations. Aside from her beloved Hogwarts, A History, she also throws a copy of Fantastic Beasts in there. Turns out, she's been reading about Newt Scamander and he really did have the most fascinating life... Cue film.

10. He's watching the movie.

Harry was raised in the wizarding world, after all. Who's to say that he can't be watching the movie with us? Think The Spongebob Squarepants Movie's framing device, but with less pirates and more secret wizards.

11. It was all just a dream.

It might be the most cliche twist in the book, but no one's used it for a while. Besides, it would be nice for Harry to have a prophetic dream that wasn't about Voldemort.

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