Her Boyfriend Likes 'Lord of the Rings' Too Much

As a person who once dated a guy who very bluntly informed me that he made girls watch Lord of the Rings as a first date to determine whether or not he could proceed with them, I can somewhat relate to the shenanigans in this video. There is a lot that a girl will tolerate in the name of love, because damn, those movies take up approximately a million hours of your life. But when it comes to your guy’s Lord of the Rings obsession, how far is too far? Is it when he has forced all of his friends and neighbors to make joint LOTR Halloween costumes with him? When he starts calling things “his precious” in every day life?

Or is it when he memorizes every single line and learns how to imitate every character in Middle Earth, and then uses his talents to torture his poor, unsuspecting girlfriend?

As impressive as his impressions and dialogue mastery are, the Lord of the Rings enthusiast in this video is lucky his girlfriend doesn’t throw him into the fiery pit of Mordor. Throughout the video he sneaks up on her with Lord of the Rings quotes, taking it up a notch on the freaky level a little bit more each time.

It’s actually kind of cute at first. We get guest spots from our favorite hobbits, wizards and fellowship members. It gets a little less cute when he bursts into her bedroom hissing as Gollum. The next time she watches Lord of the Rings (if she EVER watches it again after this) she is going to be having some major PTSD.

I’d say, though, that if the girlfriend in this video can handle this LOTR fanboy and his less-than-conventional flirting strategy that their love must be as destined as Aragorn and Arwen’s.

On an unrelated note, she is rocking some mad hair game in literally every take. Those locks are more luscious than Legolas’s.

Images: New Line Cinema