Couple Parodies Wes Anderson To Announce Their Pregnancy Because Of Course They Did — VIDEO

We've seen a lot of Wes Anderson parodies in our time, but this might be our first Wes Anderson-inspired baby announcement. I mean, clearly it was only a matter of time. Honestly, Internet, I'm a little disappointed in your for not having gotten around to this sooner.

Jacky Shu and Ben Snyder, decided that a simply letting friends and family know they were expecting just wasn't enough, so they made a video. And if you're going to make a video, and you're a millennial, and the sky is still blue, what do you do? You attempt to channel Wes Anderson. The Shu-Snyder family's baby vid was aptly titled, "THE PRETENTIOUS PRESENTATION OF THE UTERINE INHABITANT", and it effectively it covers most of the requisite the Wes Anderson musts:

  • Paul Simon music
  • Narration
  • Dialogue that's almost funny and is delivered in completely dead-pan way ("I think we should have a baby." "I think that's a terrible idea." "Let's do it." "OK.")
  • Futura font
  • Staring directly into the camera
  • Quirky characters
  • A record player
  • Cigarettes (which I'm glad they didn't leave out just because it's a video about pregnancy. #Integrity)

Needless criticism that I'm going to make anyway: I wish the shots looked a little more like a Wes Anderson film, and less like they filmed it themselves, but they did film it themselves, and if they could film like Wes Anderson, they would, ya know, be Wes Anderson. Instead, they're the adorable couple that they are. I either admire or loathe that they took the time to do this. If I was pregnant, I'd probably just send a tweet. Uh, anyway, let's check out the video!

It seems like the Anderson film they most heavily borrowed from was The Royal Tenenbaums, as you can see here with this classic re-done Margot Tenenbaum shot:

Definitely a bold choice, but I think they pull it off.

Now I'm just waiting for the baby announcement video inspired by David Lynch's films. Please make this happen for me, Internet. We need this. I should have a baby just so I can do that. For those of you who actually are expecting, and want to steal my idea, go ahead. Be sure you include:

  • Coffee and pie
  • 1950's/'60s throwbacks
  • Roy Orbison songs
  • Awesomely patterned carpet
  • Kyle MacLachlan
  • An overwhelming sense of dread

Now go forth and multiply.

Images: Touchstone Pictures; YouTube