If You Don't Know Justin Mikita Yet, You Will Soon

There is really no TV couple better than Modern Family 's Cam and Mitchell. Eric Stonestreet's over-the-top yet sensitive Cam is a perfect complement to Jesse Tyler Ferguson's straight-laced and snarky Mitchell. Even though nearly every episode puts the two in some sort of conflict with the other, at the end of the day, love always prevails. Everyone should aspire to have their relationship be just like theirs. But as much as fans love Cam and Mitchell and wish they could really be our friends, they're unfortunately fictional characters. Ugh, why does this always seem to happen to me? Luckily, there's a couple that seems even more in love than these newlyweds: Ferguson and his real-life husband Justin Mikita.

Ferguson and Mikita actually got married in July 2013, as reported by Us Weekly, not long before Cam and Mitchell got engaged during the Season 5 premiere of Modern Family. The couple dated for about two years prior to getting married. We often see Mikita with Ferguson at awards shows and in paparazzi photos, but as is the case with many a celebrity spouse, we don't really know much about him other than the fact that he is one half of the cutest celebrity couple today.

Though Mikita has movie star good looks, he's not an actor. Mikita is actually a lawyer and activist who worked with the American Foundation for Equal Rights to overturn Prop 8. He followed the case all the way to the Supreme Court, and footage of him celebrating the striking down of Prop 8 on June 26, 2013 is actually what Mitchell watches in his office as he's on the phone with Cam applauding the victory in the Season 5 premiere.

These days, Ferguson has joined Mikita in his activism. The couple launched the website Tie the Knot in 2012, which is a bow tie shop and style blog that advocates for LGBT civil rights. The launch video for the website doubled as their engagement announcement, and it's nice to see that their own love for one another can aid in their efforts to make sure people all over the world can achieve the same rights.

Since then, Mikita has also branched out into his own projects sans Ferguson. He partnered with consultant Todd Hawkins to create the company Hawkins Mikita, which matches up celebrities to causes they may want to support, as he explained to Out in a recent interview. Ferguson, Tie the Knot, and Jason Mraz are currently clients. Mikita also told Out that he will launch a new bedding line in 2015 with his business associate Greg Winner and Tie Bar founder Greg Shugar.

Woah. Apparently, Mikita is one busy dude. I wouldn't be surprised if soon, he becomes even more well known than Ferguson.

Images: parangarico, godspeed-little-doodle/Tumblr