Video: Super-Cute Lipstick Beatboxing

by Alyssa Shapiro

We all know how frustrating it is when you throw down cash for a new, hyped up beauty product and it just doesn't perform. Sure you can read reviews on Sephora but how are you really supposed to know?! Will the eyeshadow crease? Will the lipstick last through a meal? Will it be a giant waste of money?!

Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Rouge Ecstasy had me all worked up, having heard it could perform double duty as a major wallop of color and a dose of care, for good measure. I have majorly high hopes, which have been even more amped up since the beauty brand has taken to YouTube to prove the worth of the product.

It's kind of amazing: a plethora of colors holding their own against a minute of beatboxing. Oh yes. It's so cute. Well, just watch for yourself.

Props to those ladies for being able to beatbox. I really wouldn't even know how to start.

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