North West Might Have Her Own Stylist, So I Guess That's Why She's Always Matching Kim

Breaking Kardashian news: Kim's mini-me might be styled to look just like mommy on purpose. And I'm not talking about the reality star simply picking out outfits from North's incredible closet that look sort of like her own -- no, that would be far too logical and actually kind of adorable. It turns out, North might have her own stylist entrusted with creating outfits that coordinate perfectly with mom's.

A baby? Having her own stylist? Preposterous. But then again, I do have to keep in mind who we're talking about here: this is Kim and Kanye's little princess. Of course she'd have the best treatment. She probably also gets weekly mani-pedis alongside her mom and sleeps in the finest cashmere and silk crib bedding. (If that hasn't actually already been reported, I'd be surprised.)

A source tells Grazia Magazine, "Kim has hired North her own personal tailor whose sole job is to make mini versions of Kim's designer outfits and ensure that they always coordinate.... The tailor, who is also paid to act as North's stylist, works with Kanye and Kim's styling team to create the toddler's looks. Some are collaborations or commissions to designers themselves, and others created in-house."

The source continues, "Her wardrobe is planned well in advance with regular meetings to discuss looks for the family's public appearances, and North has versions to match a lot of what Kim wears, from dresses to handbags and shoes."

Woah. I mean, I pick my clothes out for the next day the night before, but this is some next-level ish. I guess I shouldn't be too shocked, though; Kim and North match perfectly so often, I should've known something was up.

Image: Twitter @SalesGossip