It's Time for Them To Give It Another Shot

by Keertana Sastry

I think we might have a problem on the third season of ABC's Nashville . They might be running out of fresh ideas. In Season 1, we saw couples getting together, couples breaking up, Deacon finding out he's Maddie's real father, Deacon's spiral back into alcoholism, a car crash, and so much more that it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. And don't even get me started on Season 2's proposals, Scarlett's breakdown, and Juliette's tryst with Jeff Fordham. So far in Season 3, we've already seen Juliette get pregnant, Rayna choosing Luke's proposal over Deacon's, and Will getting blackmailed by his wife, who might be turning evil right in front of our eyes. When you do all that in a relatively short amount of time, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll need to recycle old ideas in new ways to fill the rest of the series. No matter what else happens on this crazy show, there's one thing I hope we get to see again this season: Gunnar and Scarlett's relationship.

I know what you're thinking, "they already tried being together!" But guys, who cares? There's a reason their songs are so good — they have the best chemistry. And judging from what's been happening so far in Season 3, Gunnar and Scarlett might be reuniting soon enough.

Just so I can appease the haters of Gunnar and Scarlett (Garlett? Scunnar?), I'll admit that when the couple first got together in Season 1, the reason for their first intimate moment together wasn't really the healthiest one. Gunnar had just found out his brother died and in order to make him feel comforted and not so depressed, Scarlett kissed him and that led to them having sex for the first time. The next morning, Gunnar was still in a bad place — because why wouldn't he be? — and he waved the moment off, hurting Scarlett in the process.

The couple got together more officially very quickly after and while they were certainly in love, neither was in the right mindset to be together. Gunnar was going deeper and deeper into his dark hole caused by the loss of his brother, and Scarlett was still bent on trying to take care of her boyfriend, the way she did of Avery. When Gunnar and Scarlett broke up, it made sense. Gunnar just wanted to keep Scarlett in his life when everything else was crumbling around him, and he thought proposing would do that. Scarlett was right to turn him down.

But now, things are different. Scarlett has seen the highs of success and the lows of a breakdown. She understands that the spotlight is the last thing she needs right now. She needs to focus on her, and not anyone else for a little while. Gunnar has gotten past his brother's death and is now trying to keep going with the one constant good thing in his life: His music. He has a good relationship with Zoey, though Season 3's second episode "How Far Down Can I Go" showed us there might be trouble in paradise, as Zoey is starting to get jealous of Gunnar's newly reignited friendship with Scarlett. She can't even get it together at rehearsal for Juliette's tour and then agrees to move in with Gunnar, despite being a bit standoffish about the idea when he first brought it up.

Here's the deal. It's really starting to seem, more than ever, like Scarlett and Gunnar are meant to be together. You can't deny their chemistry and they clearly still have places in each other's hearts. I mean, Gunnar was the only person who could convince Scarlett not to leave Nashville. In fact, on her trip back home in the Season 3 premiere, Scarlett even called Nashville her home, despite not feeling that way earlier in the episode. Gunnar is also the only person who has been able to get Scarlett back into music, even if it was only for some help with a song he was writing and she denied him permission to list her as a co-writer.

And it's pretty obvious that Gunnar and Scarlett have lingering looks for each other. Even Zoey seems to realize that Gunnar's actions (and in this case, glances) definitely speak louder than his words. Maybe it's time for his words to catchup. Maybe this is the season to finally bring Scarlett and Gunnar back together, and let Zoey find someone who has eyes only for her.

Images: ABC; whentherightonecomesalong/Tumblr (2)