Please Pause For Seriously The Cutest Baby Ever

Being that I once birthed a babyfriend who is now a decent sized tiny human, and most of my friends aren't parents, they frequently question me about how I can possibly handle all that big, scary responsibility. Over the years, my answer has been whittled down to a concise two points: your capacity to handle things is flexible and expands to accommodate whatever you take on, and kids make the most mundane parts of daily life feel new again, which is a hell of a gift. Example: this blissed-out baby drinking water for the first time.

Don't get me wrong, I dig water. It's spectacular (unless it's too cold when you drink it, which isn't even healthy for you, by the way. If you aren't Team Brita On The Counter, I don't understand your life.) But it wasn't until I gazed upon this tiny, fresh human sipping that life-sustaining nectar for the first time that I remembered just how good it feels to drink water. Holding fluid (which is a stage of matter known for blowing babies' minds itself) in your mouth and then feeling is slide down your throat? Fluid that came from neither boob nor bottle? Unreal. Unreal, you guys.

So yes, to my childless friends, I say this: as a more-than-adequate balance for all of the challenging parts of keeping a squishy baby alive, you get endless firsts, and a front row seat to a whole lot of unbridled joy. It really isn't the worst. And for those of you who don't plan to have kids or think they're too gross to handle (respect on both accounts), may this be a reminder that, in the midst of all of our #FirstWorldProblems, we still have water to drink. And that's not nothing.

Image: YouTube