Cara Delevingne's Ski Mask and Skeleton Leggings Make Her Look Like a 15-Year-Old Pseudo Goth Boy, But It Works

When you think of models and their off-duty style, you probably picture leather moto jackets and ripped boyfriend jeans, but our favorite bold-browed runway star is definitely changing the name of the game. I'm talking about Cara Delevingne, of course! She's rocked everything from a pizza jumpsuit to a wide range of excellent graphic tees. Her latest look is, well, a little weird, and so classically Cara: Delevingne wore a ski mask and skeleton sweatpants out to dinner with her sister, Poppy. Somehow, she still looked chic as hell.

The outfit featured a baggy black and white long-sleeved tee, those bone-baring sweatpants, Timberlands, and, naturally, that ski mask with a comic book–inspired "POP!" detail framing those famous brows. Delevingne looked sort of like an angst-ridden 15-year-old boy who listens to the Misfits and snores loudly during math class, a cool way? It's unclear whether the ski mask is supposed to be a clever disguise, but if so, it totally fails. I mean, who besides our favorite Delevingne sister would dress like a hipster burglar for a night out? No one.

Therein lies the true magic of Delevingne's personal style. She carries a dramatic black lace gown and statement jewels with the same ease and nonchalance with which she pulls off tongue-in-cheek sweats. It just doesn't get any cooler than that. Sorry, Alexa Chung. Looks like the new It girl on the block is the hippest It girl on the block.