16 Halloween Costumes for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets As Nerdy As Their Owners – SLIDESHOW

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No matter how you feel about them, the fact that you get to dress up your pets on Halloween is reason enough to have at least one. I mean, sure, there's also the awesome companionship and the unconditional affection, but on Halloween every pet owner has a joy and a responsibility to uphold that transcends all other aspects of pet ownership: deciding on the perfect Halloween costume for your pet.

And for nerds, this quest presents unique difficulties. Loyalties will be tested. Which fandom deserves a spot on your best furry friend’s backside and ears? After all, your pet isn’t just any pet. Your pet is the dog-diggity, the most cat-tastic, the trendsetter in the neighborhood. Yes, I just said those words because I'm a nerd! The statement this Halloween costume makes is probably more important than whatever you wore to prom.

Now that I’ve adequately stressed you out with Halloween costume indecision, I offer you my humble services. Choosing the perfect nerdy costume for your pet is hard, but not impossible. Come hither, Trekkies and gamers and geeks. Pick one of this nerdy pet Halloween costumes and you’re guaranteed to have the coolest cat in town.

Image: Etsy

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