Louis C.K.'s Tweeted Some Very Interesting Thoughts About Mars And Yes, You Need To Read Them

Breaking: Louis C.K. just went on an epic Twitter rant about outer space and it was impeccable in the way only a Louis C.K. rant can be. Kanye West, take notes. The rant tells the story of how Louis believes earth to have been conceived: Martians fled Mars en masse, hopped aboard Mars' nearest moon and drove it to earth. Upon reaching the earth, they crashed, and all died. But their DNA is the basis for this earth (and our moon) as we know it. This, mind you, is based on nothing other than a feeling Louis has. Hard emphasis on "feeling". Got to trust your instincts, I guess?

Louis' "feeling" is that space is one giant spaceship, and we're all connected because of this. You might think this is crazy, but never forget that there are people on earth who believe dinosaurs are a hoax, or that there was once a man who died and was RESURRECTED FROM THE GRAVE. Those sorts of things actually make Louis' theories seem pretty rational, somehow. They're certainly a whole lot more fun than creationism, or you know, actual science. But that's enough from me; revel in the glory of Louis' bizarrely brilliant Tweets below (disclaimer: you're going to laugh out loud when you get to his addendum at the end, so don't be sipping on no liquids.)

Images: Getty Images; Louis C.K./Twitter