Starling City Loses Another Core Member

We should've known better than to think we could leave Arrow 's Season 3 premiere "The Calm" without suffering any major casualties. I might as well just come right out and say it: Sara Lance is dead, and chances are we know exactly who killed her. In the last remaining moments of the show, a deep-throated voice calls out from the shadows to our beloved Canary, right before shooting her with multiple arrows to the chest. And while we never see the killer's face, I'm 99.9 percent positive that it was the series' Big Bad of the season, Ra’s al Ghul.

How do I know? Well, for starters, when the man spoke, Sara immediately turned and recognized him. She also didn't instantly perceive him to be a threat, which is most likely how he was able to get the upper hand on her in the first place. (I may not have liked her dating Oliver because Team Olicity forever, but the girl knew how to kick some serious superhero ass.)

Not to mention that making Ghul the perpetrator gives the rest of our Starling City crime-fighters the proper motivation to exact justice, which should carry us well into the next few months. And believe me, I'm sure this vendetta will be a slow and painful burn. (Remember how long it took for things to come to a head with Slade? And this is Ra’s al Ghul we're talking about.) There is, however, one good thing to come out of this horrible turn of events. With Sara now gone, this leaves Laurel wide open to take up the reigns as the Canary. Great tragedy is what usually inspires great heroes to rise up, and given that Laurel just watched her sister die before her very eyes, I'm thinking that's the only push she'll need.

Hang in there, Laurel. We've got your back.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Wifflegif