Bill Clinton Teases Hillary's 2016 Presidential Run — Again

Hillary Clinton sure knows how to keep a narrative going. While addressing the U.S. Conference of Mayors at the Clinton Presidential Library on Wednesday, former President Bill Clinton made a teasing joke about Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run that we can add to our (nearly overflowing) box of Hillary Clues. At this point, if Hillary Clinton makes a formal announcement that she's not running, the Internet just might implode.

Bill Clinton, who's currently campaigning for Democratic candidates in his home state of Arkansas, opened his speech with some facetiousness, saying:

Great thing about not being president anymore is you can just say whatever you want. Unless your wife might run for something, then you can say whatever you want as long as you don't make any headlines.

A funny and foreshadowing opener, except Bill Clinton just inadvertently — or perhaps intentionally — made a headline. Was it all part of the grand plan? Could be.

The former president didn't just talk about his possible future as the First Man of the United States. There was, of course, some gushing about his granddaughter, newborn Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky:

We don't have many babies in my family, so this a big event. She's just like any normal child though, she was only eight days old before we began to discuss quadratic equations. I am determined not be an entirely insufferable grandfather. I'll try to behave.
Scott Morgan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been keeping a tight lip on 2016 as they enjoy their new role as grandparents. But as much as the Clinton's are trying to sneak out from the political spotlight, Hillary Clinton's name keeps getting jumbled with "2016" and "election" and "president" every where you turn.

At Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit this week, even billionaire Warren Buffett jumped into the Ready4Hillary game. Buffett, who backed both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008, told writer Carol Loomis, "Hillary is going to run." And will Hillary Clinton win? "Hillary is going to win," Buffett predicted. In fact, he'll even bet money on it.

From book tours to People magazine covers to powerful women selfies, I think it's safe to say: November 2016 can't come soon enough.

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