How to Dress Like Emoji Cat for Halloween

Who's the greatest emoji of them all? EMOJI CAT, that's who. Seriously, who doesn't use this little fellow on a daily basis? There's just something about that adorable yellow cat that manages to do a far better job of expressing our human emotions than a generic smiley face, and I'm OK with that (mostly because the emoji cat is way cuter). Acknowledging all of this, if you're looking for a perfectly hip, playful, and original costume this Halloween, look no further than our little furry friend. Oh yes, I am about to show you how to dress like emoji cat for Halloween. Prepare yourself. It's about to get real... yellow.

It's hard to choose which emoji cat is the best emoji cat. I mean, this guy has a lot of feelings. Love, kisses, tears of joy... the emoji cat is the ultimate master of emotions, and you shouldn't limit your costume to just one of its specific expressions. My advice? Dress like them all. As crazy as that may sound, it's actually not too hard. Just follow the four steps below, and before you know it you'll be out the door, swinging your tail. Yes, I said tail. It's time to take the emoji cat from a two-dimensional pairing of pixels to a full-fledged, life-sized costume. I'm not quite sure what I'm getting you guys into, but I know it's something wonderful. Meow.

1. Make Your Ears

For starters, you need to make yourself a sturdy set of emoji cat ears. These are key, and without them you'll end up looking like a girl in a yellow unitard with a tail. No one wants that. Purchase a sturdy set of cat ears (you can find these for $2 on Etsy), and a sheet of stiff yellow felt. Cut out a cat ear design from the felt, and hot glue it to your ear piece.

2. Put on Your Face

Find some yellow face paint, and go to town on everything from the neck up. The yellow face paint is really going to separate the kittens from the cats here. Once you've let your face paint dry, fill in your eyebrows with a black pencil, then draw on a cat nose and whiskers. Pull out that black lipstick you've been hanging onto since the 1990s, and pucker up.

3. Get into Full Body Character

Now that you've got emoji cat's face down pat, it's time to get creative. Dress up in a yellow unitard ($20.99,, and attach a black cat tail to your behind. If you are having trouble finding a fake cat tail, check out a fabric store for some thick material you could use. Bonus points if you wear a pair of furry, cat-like slippers on your feet ($24.95,

4. Pack Your Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and that has never been more true than with this costume. Make yourself some teardrop props out of thick craft paper, bring along a pair of heart-shaped shades, and cut out a simple speech bubble. Congratulations. You are now the emoji cat in all its glory. Laugh, kiss, cry, or scream the night away — emoji cat style.

Images: Polyvore (4)