7 Ways to Dress Up Like an Emoji for Halloween

by Chelsey Grasso

There's still plenty of time for you to come up with an idea for the perfect Halloween costume, but let me give out some free advice: steer clear of cliches. I’m talking about scantily-clad bumble bees, the sexy nurse, and Honey Boo Boo. They're done. They're over. They're played out. Look, it's 2014 — otherwise known as the year of the emoji, and I say it's time we give these little guys some love this Halloween. That's right. You wouldn't be able to communicate without them and, frankly, I don't see how you can show up at a Halloween party dressed as anything else.

Emojis have taken over the iPhone and its counterparts, and it's kind of easy to see why. I no longer respond "yes" to my friends' questions — I just send them a "thumbs up." Not sure how to reply to someone's text? Chances are, there is an emoji for you. From sassy salsa dancers to tiny yellow faces that are so simple, yet so dead accurate in what they're trying to convey, emojis have shifted the communication culture, making cat ladies cool and smiling turds even cooler. These little graphic-based illustrations are my absolute favorite, and they should be yours too.

With hundreds of characters to choose from, you have plenty of options when it comes to communicating... and dressing up for Halloween. Sticking with a handful of the most beloved (don't even get me started with Hipmojis, because that's a whole different can of worms), here are seven ways to be the center of attention this Halloween dressed in full emoji attire. Whether you're trying to put something together using as little supplies as possible, or you want to go all out with your getup this year, there is a way for you to get your emoji on, no matter which one you choose.

1. Dancing Girls

The dancing girls with antennas sticking out of their heads — these ladies are a soon-to-be classic for sure. This emoji is perfect for you and your BFF, mostly because chances are you're already attached at the hip, and now you have an excuse to dress up exactly like each other while sticking close to each other's side all night long as you make the Halloween party rounds.

If you’re blonde, fold and pin your hair so that it matches that of the emoji. If you’re not blonde, get your hands on some coordinating blonde wigs. (The matching hair is key here, otherwise you're just two girls wearing identical onesies.) Purchase matching, short-sleeved, black leotards and tights for cheap from any place that sells dance wear (for less than $20, this Capezio number ought to do the trick). As for your feet, it doesn't matter if you choose black ballet flats, sneakers or actual dance shoes, so long as they match. For your costume's finishing touch, spray-paint empty Red Bull cans black, and then hot glue them to headbands. Voila — you have antennas.

2. Cat in Love

The cat in love? The cat with hearts for eyes? Whatever you want to call him, this emoji is meow a great option for a Halloween getup. It’s like a twist on the classic black cat costume, except way more fun.

Stick to an all-yellow ensemble, pull your hair back and draw whiskers on your face. Find some red heart sunglasses (try any remotely hipster boutique or, if you must, Claire's) and last, but certainly not least, add yellow cat ears to top it all off, literally.

3. Waving Girl

I don’t know what to call this girl, but the “Bitch Please Emoji” seems fair enough. That being said, this costume is pretty self-explanatory. She's a spot-on mix between “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” and the Pillsbury Dough Boy — she giggles at just about everything.

Go with a long-sleeved pink shirt, whatever you want to wear on the bottom, and a brown, shoulder-length wig. The key to this costume is flicking your wrist up every time you pose for a picture, say hello, or, you know, don't feel like using your words when someone inevitably asks you what you're dressed as. If, by the end of the night, that person still doesn’t get it, text them the actual Bitch Please Emoji. It will suddenly seem so obvious.

4. Tears of Joy Face

The tears of joy emoji. This is for the low-maintenance Halloween-goer who doesn’t really have time or energy to put together a costume.

Stand in front of a mirror, practice the squinty smile a few times, and then tape giant blue teardrop shapes (from construction paper, ideally) to your cheeks. Or, just have them ready at the wayside to hold up to your face at a moment’s notice. Obviously, this costume is brought to you by laziness (work smarter, not harder).

5. Salsa Dancer

The salsa dancer. Ah yes, not a week goes by when I’m not seeing this little lady pop up on my text feed (which is slightly weird, because I don’t know any salsa dancers). Regardless, she’s an icon by now, and a perfect choice for a Halloween costume.

Take a visit to a thrift store and find yourself something red, flashy and, yeah, a little sassy. Be ready to strike the pose when the occasion calls, lest something mistakenly thinks you're just a normal, non-emoji salsa dancer.

6. OK symbol

The OK symbol. This casual, cool hand is perfect for the ultra-lazy Halloween party attendee, because there's no real outfit necessary — just throw up your “OK” hands when you walk into a room. You must have the appropriate attitude to accompany it, or else this "costume" isn't going to cut it.

7. Pile of Poop

Last but most certainly not least, we have this guy. Dressing up as this emoji might seem, well, strange, but he is definitely everybody’s favorite emoji, and if he’s not yours, you’re lying. It is close to impossible not to love this smiling pile of poop, and any guest at any Halloween party will totally agree. So how do you do doo-doo?

The outfit itself is simple enough — whip out that old Hershey’s kiss costume you had as a child (you know the one I’m talking about… the full-bodied metallic silver monstrosity with the matching cap). Cut off the Hershey’s logo from the hat, and spray paint everything brown. Make cardboard cutouts for your facial features, and super glue them to your new emoji masterpiece. For better of for worse, you've got this costume in the bag.

Images: Emojipedia