Someone Posed as Adolf Hitler on Tinder for a Month, But Seriously, You Guys, WTF?

Would you swipe right on a Tinder user posing as Adolf Hitler? Because a) that happened, and b) people did actually swipe right. I kind of wish I were kidding, but I’m not. I’m really, really not. And… hoo boy. I have a lot of feels about this. They are not generally good feels, either. Anyone else?

The anonymous user posted the results of his month-long exploration into the depths of “Hitler’s” soul Wednesday on Reddit. He neglected to explain why he made the decision to do so; in fact, as the Daily Dot remarked, we know very little about this fellow “other than the fact that his iPhone is on the AT&T network and his battery could use a charge.” He listed his age as 22, which historically puts him in 1921; that’s about when he became the leader of the Nazi party and about two years before he landed himself in jail due to a failed coup and wrote Mein Kampf. He also described himself with an altered version of one of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous (and often misquoted) sound bytes: “I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure about having only one testicle. I make mistakes. But if you can’t handle me at my worst you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” For the curious, here’s what his profile looked like:

Some people were equal parts amused and confused by their amusement:

Others were impressed by his historically-accurate puns:

One person marveled at the fact that her conversation with “Hitler” was the longest Tinder chat she’d ever had:

And one bot — at least, I’m assuming it’s a bot, as the message is spam-tastic and the user’s profile picture appears to be an image of Hillary Duff — tried to tempt him with nudes:

Some people think it’s hilarious. A lot of people, actually. But even though I’m usually the kind of person to laugh uproariously at the most inappropriate answers when playing Apples to Apples, I’m not laughing right now. True, we’ve seen other Tinder users pretending to be famous people before; remember “Edward Snowden?” I chuckled heartily at that one. But I would argue that there’s a difference between posing as someone who’s famous for sharing information at great personal cost that we actually needed to know, and someone who killed six million innocent people.

Maybe I’m just being a humorless old crone — but I just think the whole thing is in incredibly poor taste, especially in light of the whole Auschwitz selfie debacle that has since become a trend. Dear Tinder: Can we just stop with the novelty accounts, please? They’re getting old. Love, me.

Images: RiveraNotario/Flickr; Tindler/Imgur (5)