Say Goodbye To Wobbly Tables & Hello To Table Jack

No matter where you are in the world, your kitchen table is the heart of your home or apartment. It's where you eat and entertain, and probably where you get some of your best ideas. Especially if you're a restaurateur turned inventor with dreams of hitting it big on ABC's Shark Tank . Texan Steve Christian is one such hopeful. Owner of Houston outfit Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill and creator of Table Jack, Steve knows there is one thing that can ruin any meal, and that's a wobbly table.

While the at-home foodie can just stick a sturdy book or magazine under a wobbly leg and call it a day, that's not really a commercial option for a restaurant that might have tens if not upwards of 100 tables. Those tables in turn get moved around and shifted to accommodate design changes and parties of different sizes, not to mention copious amounts of wear and tear as they handle a high volume of diners at a continuous pace.

Enter the Table Jack, Steve's sturdy stabilizer that packs commercial strength, but is easy to use and install for just about anyone. In the DIY era, a do it yourself solution is something many industrious types are probably angling to apply at home, too. So what's the deal with Table Jack, and how can you get one?

They Are A Sanitary Solution

Table Jacks can be adjusted by foot, which means there are less errant hands spreading germs throughout the table, both from staff and customers. Plus, it's probably not the best idea to have sweetener packets and napkins play double duty as things you find on the table top and things you find on the floor at a base of a table leg.

They Make Restaurant Owners Straight Up Crazy with Happiness

The testimonial is perhaps the best part of the site. Randy Grier of Cedar Woodfire Grill (who refers to himself as the "Chief Eating Officer"), who literally can't even with the idea that customers eat on wobbly tables, saying "guests should never have to level a tble in order to eat with us. ahhhh!" That sort of manic endorsement is perhaps the best kind.

Table Jacks University

Because he's a do-it-yourself sort of made man, Steve wants to make sure your Jacks are done right. You can hire an installer, but for those who prefer to get their hands dirty, the Table Jacks website is dedicated to making sure you're doing it right and are able to cross-reference your work. It's a great customer care element that totally makes sense; a badly installed Table Jack reflects badly on the product.

Everybody Wants Them

Big clients like Universal Studios and Pizza Hut are just some of the spots that have expressed interest in Table Jacks, according to tweets like these. What their Twitter feed lacks in finesse and cleverness, it makes up for in quaint excitement. "Going in for a meeting with someone big! Ya we got that someone big to use Table Jacks!" It's like following your grandpa on Twitter if he was slowly taking over the world one table at a time.

Luckily you don't have to wait for Table Jack to come to you; they retail around $30 at various restaurant supply stores, and even some hardware chains like Ace.

Images: Tony Rivetti/ABC; Giphy (3)